5 Movie Trailers We’re Stoked About

We all love summer movies. They are not necessarily the most cerebral films (not like the December Oscar line up) but let’s face it, they are often the most exciting and star studded prospects. Want to see your favorite Academy Award nominee prance around half dressed, having the time of his life on screen? That’s a summer movie. Serious character actors trying (and often succeeding) their hand in comedy? It happens in the summer. This year is no different. With some true gems set to come out within the next three months its time to switch out your Saturday night club drink for an overpriced coke and popcorn, settle back and turn your attention to the silver screen. Here are our most anticipated summer movie picks.

Very Good Girls
With a shockingly impressive cast including Elizabeth Olsen, Demi Moore and Alexander Skarsgaard, this one looks to be the feel good indie film of the season. The trailer includes a giddy skinny dipping scene including Olsen and costar Dakota Fanning as well as the proverbial man candy and coming of age virginity trope. This year’s female version of The Way, Way Back.

We are mostly excited for this one because it is the acting debut of Sports Illustrated bombshell Irina Shayk ( and we do get a luscious glimpse of her in the trailer!), other than that, it seems that this will be the anticipated action movie of the summer. Loaded with CGI monsters, passable comedy and oiled up muscle men, we can think about this as a slightly lesser 300. But Irina Shayk…

This fast moving, sci fi thriller starring the fabulous Scarlet Johansen appears to have the potential to be a decently mind blowing film. Provided it doesn’t go the senseless dragging route of Limitless, which featured the same concept of an everyman (Johansen in this case) who is fed a drug that allows them to access 100 % of their brain, this could be career booster for Johansen who is often relegated to the hot girl movie piece. We are willing to give it a chance.

Magic in the Moonlight
The highly anticipated Woody Allen flick starring Emma Stone and Colin Firth tells the story of a spiritual medium (Stone) and a debunker of magic (Firth). The two fall in love of course as it becomes clear that Stone is in actuality a psychic of sorts and the chemistry between the two unlikely characters (and even unlikelier actor pairing) is undeniable. This is definitely on our must watch list.

Sin City
A Dame to Kill For: The much belated sequel to the original cult phenomenon is already here and already making headlines with its controversial Eva Green poster. The trailer promises more black and white mischief, more sex appeal and lots of guns and dangerous women. We can’t wait.

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