5 Instagram Trends That Need To Stop

Today we bring you a little lesson in Instagram etiquette. Here are the most annoying Instagram trends that just need to stop. Instagram should be a fun experience for everyone…just stop trying so hard, please.

by: Shannon Kurlander


1. The Drink And Shoes Combo
The most cliche post in the history of Instagram. Stop buying coffee and wearing cute shoes just for the sole purpose of an Instagram picture.
*related* The Food And Shoes Combo (why the hell is your dinner on the floor by your shoes? That doesn’t seem right…)

photo 2
photo 1

2. The “No Makeup” selfie
There are a few perfect humans that look incredible without makeup while the rest of us…well it’s a different story. However don’t lie to your followers about a “no makeup” selfie. We know you’re wearing makeup. I can see your mascara! Plus that is some extreme filter usage. Just don’t lie.


3. The Racy Mirror Pic
Let’s be honest. In some form or another all selflies are taken from an insecure place. Racy mirror pics are the extreme selfie. On the surface you think it shows confidence and sex appeal but unfortunately it comes off as a desperate plea for attention. You can be body positive without doing an almost naked mirror pic.
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photo 3-1photo 2-1

4. The Health Food Shot
Food instas are typically annoying to begin with, but perhaps there is a comical aspect (a large pizza slice) or it is the best meal you have laid eyes on. That’s fine. However, no one wants to see your diet food and juices. It is good to be happy about your health but no one else cares about your need to share.
photo 3

5. The Airplane Window Shot
Clouds and the wing of an airplane. Why not just wait for something original upon arrival?
photo 1-1

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