What 5 Common Food Cravings Really Mean

Your body is a maze of myths, recommendations, and choices. When we crave something, it is actually our bodies’ sly way of informing us what nutrients it really needs. By realizing what each individual craving means we can better know our bodies, and remain on a healthy lifestyle.

1 .Saltyartichoke_pizza_galore

If you are craving a salty treat such as potato chips or popcorn, our body is actually telling us we are lacking in electrolytes or adrenal. Instead of grabbing those chips, reach for cinnamon pumpkin seeds, eggs, or grapes. An important and easy household aid is switching out all your typical table salt ingredients for sea salt. Also, consider adding electrolyte packets to your daily water routine to help steer you away from unnecessary snacking.


2. Oily Snacks


It happens to even the biggest health nut, that craving for those delicious oily snacks that we know are bad for us, but are just too tempting. In regards to general snacking, our body is telling us we are lacking in calcium and calories. By substituting those unhealthy snack type foods for kale, cheese, almonds, and avocados we are avoiding the negative calories and supplying our bodies with good fats.


3. Sweets


If you are craving sweets your body can be telling you a variety of things, either you can just be dehydrated, stressed, or calcium deficient.  Consider adding some natural fruits to your daily glasses of water to create your own flavorful infusions. Cranberries, nuts, and homemade trail mix is also another healthier alternative to tackle the sugar crave.

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4. Chocolate


Chocolate cravings are huge for just about anyone, especially women. What you are craving is a certain mineral, magnesium. Perhaps the most important mineral in your body, you can’t brush off this craving. Start to pack your diet with more greens, nuts, and fish pronto. If you can’t break the urge, swap out the chocolate ice cream for a piece of dark chocolate, or use raw cacao powder as a baking ingredient.


5.  Caffeine


Almost as common as chocolate, a craving in caffeine means that you are lacking another important mineral, iron. A deficiency in iron makes your body feel sluggish and lethargic, signifying the immediate need for a caffeine boost. A diet high in beans, spinach, and turkey should fix that problem. Another source behind caffeine cravings is addiction, consider starting the process of switching out your Starbucks cold brew for a cup of green tea.


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