5 Chinese Actresses Who Could Totally Play Mulan

Earlier this month, Disney and Sony announced a live-action remake of the classic “Mulan” (and my personal fave movie), and it will be made with a “mostly Chinese cast.”

While that sounds cheery and all, a “mostly Chinese cast” isn’t enough. People are speculating that the “mostly” could insinuate white lead actresses and actors for the roles of Mulan and Shang.

They were so mad in fact that a “Tell Disney You Don’t Want a White-Washed Mulan!” petition (which you can sign here) was started pleading Disney to consider casting an entirely Asian cast, which is something it hasn’t done before.

It has 98,000 signatures already and making it only 2,000 shy of the 100,000 signature goal.

But ya know, this for sure isn’t the first time people have been outraged over the Hollywood’s seemingly blind eye to it’s problems with racial casting. Like this year’s Oscars awards nominations were almost entirely white.

Disney might have learned from the heat following the #OscarsSoWhite controversy considering it cast a native Polynesian to voice Moana, who is Disney’s new princess from the Pacific Islands.

So we made a list of some of Hollywood’s best Chinese actresses who really should be considered for this role. Not just because of their ethnicity, but because they’re really good actresses who deserve the role without white-washing the movie.

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1. JuJu Chan

JuJu is literally a living, breathing Mulan already. She’s a taekwondo athlete and a kung fu actress and she’s even been called the female Bruce Lee. That’s a high compliment I think, considering how kick ass Bruce was.

2. Malese Jow

My fave sarcastic girly from the Nickelodeon show “Unfabulous”! Malese fits this role perfectly because she also plays a legit superhero in “The Flash” which is great because Mulan ends up being the hero of China.

3. Julia Ling

Another actress who is well-versed in martial arts, Julia actually competed in the Jackie Chan Disciples competition where she was a top 4 finalist. She’s also been on “House”, “ER” and several other dramas.

4. Fan Bingbing

Fan is one of the highest-paid actresses in the world and has also been called a fashion icon for her stylish af appearances on the red carpet, movie premieres, and fashion shows. She was in “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and “Iron Man 3,” so you know she’s up for the part of a heroine.

5. Grace Huang

Grace is another actress on this list with an extensive history in movies that are laden with stunts and martial arts. She was in a movie called “House of Flying Daggers” so you can imagine what kind of shit was required for that.

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