4 Ways to Ditch the Boo for Summer Fun

Tis the season for flings and casual sex. Summer’s here and you might still be boo’d up by someone that’s just meh so here’s a guide on how to rid of the boo for greener summer grass.

1. Make lots of summer plans.
Pool parties, BBQs, amusement parks, beach weekends… The list goes on and on. There’s always a plethora of shit to do during summer so make lots of plans. Just don’t include your soon to be ex in them.


2. Dial back digital communications. Do you text 10 times a day? Start texting 5 times a day. Then maybe just once a day. Then maybe just start ignoring texts.


3. Dial back physical interactions.
Stop inviting them out places and start turning down their invites to go places. Avoid them like the guy that gave you the worst dick of your life.


4. They should be getting the hint by now. If they aren’t you could make up a giant elaborate lie saying you’re travelling for the summer OR You could just be honest and upfront and say it’s summer and I wanna enjoy myself without the burden of a boyfriend, bye.



Claudia C. is firstly a genius, secondly keeps it 100 and thirdly knows about sex. Follow her epic twitter @LiteralPorn and read her blog

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