4 Reasons Why Disney’s Maleficent Looks Fabulous

The trailer for Disney’s Maleficent premiered at the Grammy’s last week, to a very positive reception. The new take on this classic and childhood favorite is stuffed full of precocious new faces, darkly beautiful music and scenery, and of course goddess Angelina Jolie as the titular villain. If the trailer is any indication, this new piece of eye candy is definitely worth spending whatever astronomical number of dollars required to see a movie these days. Here are four reasons why the new Disney film looks absolutely fabulous.

The Gothic Sex Appeal

Disney created an image of themselves from the beginning as a wholesome producer of material fit for all ages, but mostly the young. This time around, they recreate themselves for the adult versions of the children who once worshipped them and their movies. This new fairytale keeps closer to the original Charles Perrault version which indeed had a dark, gothic edge to it. From the shadowy film work, to the spooky musical background, the film is sure to appeal to the broader range of sensibilities for an assumed mature audience. 

Elle Fanning

Dakota’s younger sibling is all grown up and looking devilishly sexy. The young blonde has shown her acting chops in Coppola films as well as J.J. Abrams fantasies. The world has already seen her beauty in Marc Jacob’s campaigns, now she is truly striking on her own as a Burton-esque Disney Princess. Fanning vs Jolie? Sounds like the beginning of a Penthouse fantasy…


Lana Del Rey

She brought a modern edge to The Great Gatsby, became a Tumblr mainstay (thanks to her pillowy lips and bouffant hair) and is now bringing a bit of spookiness to the famous “Once upon a Dream,” from the Disney original. With Lana’s sexy rasp and bluesy style, the new version of the song is sure to do the original justice.

Angelina Jolie: The queen! Who better to play the chiseled dark villainess than our very own bad gal turned role model philanthropist? Angie looks beautifully evil in the trailers and just a bit disturbing in the screen caps. When she finally speaks in the trailer, it becomes clear that there is no one better suited for the role. We can’t wait to see Miss Jolie in all of her wicked glory this May.

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