3 Tokyo Baddies Sound Off on Girl Power

Tokyo is a growing girl power capital of the world, so we headed over to ask three cool af Tokyo chicks what’s up. Here’s what they told us.

Miu, model

“Usually I enjoy wearing men’s brand clothing in my own unique style rather than what typical Japanese models wear or what the current trend fashion is. That’s because I’m inspired by old Japanese street culture. As a model, I get to wear various women’s clothing and I enjoy that aspect too. Even if I speak differently and dress in my own unique, free style, I believe that I can achieve anything I set my mind to.”

Nina Utashiro, ID magazine editor

“Yes, Japan is an extremely chauvinistic country. In other words, there is a clear gender distinction here. Whether you are a girl, boy, transgender, or whatever, you just gotta use what you’ve got and work the game. That being said, we can flawlessly strut in heels bigger than your dick so, you know, we win.”

Thelma Aoyama, singer

“Girl power is not comparing yourself with anyone. Being ‘yourself’ is your ultimate power. Tokyo is the place that accepts any type of culture & fashion thats why it attracts people from all around the world.”

Photography by Maya Kibbel

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