How 2 Boss B*tches Linked Up in the DM

Living in a generation where women have to curve men who are constantly sliding into our DM’s who are more times than none just looking to get some play, us ladies are very much aware that Social Media is one of, if not the biggest networking tools we have accessible to us and it’s not just a means of finding love or quite frankly a hook up for the night.

Born and bred New Yorker Germania Mejias (@oohhgee), who is not a model but could totally be one, is a prime example of a woman who genuinely supports the notion of empowering other women and it ended up being something that without expecting anything in return, presented her with a great opportunity.

One day while scrolling through her IG stories she came across Tizita Balemlay’s (@theplugsdaughterr) story and saw that Tizita’s brand PLUGGEDNYC (@pluggednycstore) had recently signed a contract to sell her items with major fashion online retailer ASOS. Germania then decided to send her a message to simply congratulate her on this power move and moments later Balemlay sent her a message asking if she would be interested in shooting for the brand for the ASOS launch. I mean talk about a “LOOK AT GOD” moment!

This just goes to show you that without being thirsty, having no expectations and by being your authentic self, something amazing could be placed in your path.

Come on fellas, the ladies are winning in every other aspect of life, do we really have to teach you DM etiquette as well?!

Check out the brief Q&A I had with Germania to learn a little bit more her thoughts on Social Media and how this unique opportunity came about.

What’s the lamest thing a dude has ever said to you via DM?

Lol. “I’m a nice guy, so if you don’t respond to me, smd.” And the ones who DM you saying they saw you but couldn’t speak are weird.

Do you think men primarily use social media as a way to find their “flavor” of the night?

Maybe not of the night, does it happen that fast? Lol I would say, yes. Guys are persistent too in there, that’s like the new friend zone.

What made you want to send @theplugsdaughterr a message congratulating her on her recent deal with ASOS?

I was inspired. I was sitting at my home desk working and scrolling and I said out loud, YES GIRL! I was so happy for her. I didn’t have to know her but in that moment I felt like I did because I know things like that don’t just happen it takes hard work and dedication and smarts. That made me congratulate a woman who was winning. She’s an inspiration to girls who want to be more than a pretty face. Getting that win shows character beyond it.

What was your initial reaction when she replied back to you asking to be a part of a photo shoot for her brand?

“Omg, but I’m not a model.” Lol.

Do you think genuine business connections can be made through the use of social media?

Yes. It’s the time of business we are in. It’s the “Instagram” era, it’s where you’ll find businesses look for new faces and ideas. It’s about the reach these days and social media changed that forever.

What motto do you live by?

I’m a woman first. That makes me naturally choose love, it makes me think of others before myself, it makes me compassionate. I feel like woman are nurturing, so I learned to take that step back and say what would a woman do, how would a woman react?

What does girl power mean to you?

It means that men don’t decide on the level of our power. Woman have been historically stereotyped as acting on emotions and not the good ones and that’s why we can’t get along. Girl power says we are capable of more than the box they put us in.

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