The 16 Best Tweets About Debate Hero Ken Bone

We can all pretty much agree that last night’s debate was nasty and raw af. Like Trump avoiding the question about his “grabbing by the pussy” comments by saying he’ll defeat ISIS?

It wasn’t all bad though – there were some slightly funny parts too, like Tiffany Trump swerving the shit out of Donald when he tried to kiss her, or Melania Trump just coincidentally wearing a shirt that has something called a “pussy bow” on the front.

But the true hero of the debate last night was a man known as Ken Bone. Ken was one of the undecided voters sitting at the Town Hall last night.

When called upon by the moderators to ask a question, Ken single-handedly scooped America’s heart out of the gutter and wrapped it in his red cable-knit sweater that he wore because he ripped his pants.

And the good people of Twitter took that and ran with it.

So we put together some of Twitter’s best memes and reactions to the lovable Ken Bone, because he just rocks.


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