13 Beautycon Hotties Give Us Their Words to Live By

BeautyCon NYC was last weekend and all our favorite beauty pros were in attendance.

We grilled them for their favorite mottos and words to live by. Here’s what they said.

1. Brittany Sky

“Girl, wear your skin and a touch of makeup to show the world what you already got!”

2. Brendan Jordan

“Live authentically as yourself every day and be 100% PROUD of it!!”

3. Bethany Mota

“Wear whatever makes you happy.”

4. Ava Allan

“Be you, everyone else is already taken.”

5. Felicity Hayward

“Self love brings beauty.”

6. Koleen Diaz

“Surround yourself with positive vibes.”

7. Justine Skye

“Unicorns will rule the world.”

8. Skai Jackson

“Embrace the natural you, and love yourself no matter what!!”

9. Shaun D. Ross

“Inspire the world.”

10. Jordyn Woods

“Don’t limit yourself.

11. Draya Michele

“Cheer for the underdog.”

12. Sophie Beem

“Beauty is feeling gooooood.”

13. Summer Albarcha

“Confidence is beauty.”

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