12 of LA’s Coolest Girls Open Up About Girl Power

What’s girl power all about? We asked 12 of the coolest girls in LA to tell us. Keep reading for their answers.

1. Taylor Snook, 20

“Girl power is knowing your worth, honoring your power and capability, and not letting anything stand in the way of you reaching your fullest potential. Ladies are BADASS! Stand with one another and support each other , don’t compete with one another”

2. Larsen Thompson, 15

“Girls rule, boys drool.”

3. Grace Van Dien, 19

“Like stars, women can survive in the darkest places.”

4. Alix Vernet, 19

“To me, the term “girl power” functions too easily within a Patriarchal use of language. Unfortunately in 2016, the term is too easily manipulated and gives way to pseudo-empowerment. We must use words that cannot be capitalized, we must invent language that moves past Patriarchal structure, gender binary and hetero sexuality.”

5. Romy Flores, 16

“A woman does not have to be most to be respected”

6. Zyon, 16

“Girls fight like girls!!”

7. Ashley Quintero, 16

“Girls rule! Boys drool!!”

8. Karissa Rowe, 17

“Girl power is having confidence in your unique individuality and empowering other girls to stand up for what they believe in.”

9. Zolee G, 18

“GIRLS stands for Grace, Intelligence, Respect, Love, Success.”

10. Lily McInerny, 17

“’Girl power’ is not a commodity for the mainstream media to capitalize on by manipulating into a palatable, marketable, aesthetic.”

11. Cat Stevens, 15

“Never underestimate the power of a woman with an idea.”

12. Amber Proper, 19

“My confidence comes from being myself and not caring about other people’s opinions. It’s important for us girls to empower one another and have each others backs, no matter what. All women are crazy beautiful and deserve to feel confident with themselves. We have to accept all types of women, no matter what their body type, skin color, or style is. Us females need to help lift each other up, not push each other down.”

Photography by Mark “The Cobrasnake” Hunter

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