11 Police Brutality Activists You Need to Follow

When major societal problems occur, it is sometimes hard to find the words to describe our opinions and know the right way to speak up for change.

In the aftermath the most recent police brutality shootings, here’s a list of the best activists using social media to speak out and promote positive change.

Issa Rae is an established writer/producer who is doing her part to help by starting a Gofundme Scholarship Fund to help out Alton Sterling’s family. In the 9 hours since she’s started the fund, she’s raised over $200k.


Juli has been a huge social media activist, advocating for various funds for Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, as well as promoting a petition started by the white house to create a federal law enforcement agency that will supervise the behavior of all law enforcement agencies.


Rowan Blanchard is a young actress who is, in many ways, an activist. She is using her platform to start a conversation with others about police brutality and to share other helpful information to promote future change and prevent occurrences like these from continuing to happen.

Alex Medina is a creative director and producer who is using his voice to share steps for moving forward. He is giving his followers options for places online where they can find information to better educate themselves on ways to end police brutality and start holding the law enforcement accountable for their wrongdoings.



Yara Shahidi is another young actress who is using her platform to speak out against the shootings. She shared an ever so relevant clip of James Baldwin from his debate with William Buckley where he explains the disconnect African Americans feel having love for their country but their country not having the same love and respect for them.

Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg, a popular radio DJ/host blasted a cop today on air for refusing to admit that what occurred with Alton Sterling was wrong. In the clip he states, “Because you won’t ever call someone out and say, ‘They murdered someone in cold blood. It happened again.’ And until you guys start taking responsibility for your own, people in the street are going to be upset instead.” The cop’s refusal to admit these occurrences as wrong are why he says people have negative associations with all law enforcement.

The official Black Lives Matter Twitter page promotes the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, which affirms the fact that these innocent lives do matter, and that killing needs to stop. This page has helped to start the movement to end police brutality and advocate for positive change.

Dream Hampton’s above tweet points out why people should be talking about Diamond Reynolds, Philando Castile’s girlfriend who is doing all she can to receive justice. Hampton has also shared and retweeted countless pictures of what is going on in the areas where the two incidents occurred.

Color of Change has been keeping its followers up to date with all of the facts from the two police shootings, and has also started a petition for justice for Alton Sterling that will be sent to Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Concept artist Nikkolas is using social media outlets to share graphics with his followers and encourage debate and conversation about the controversial incidents that unfortunately keep occurring.

Michael Skolnik is an entrepreneur and activist who has retweeted many powerful tweets sent out on other accounts, and who got over 17k retweets when he tweeted a list of all the ridiculous excuses that have been used as reasons for why innocent men have been killed in the past and are still being killed today.

Photo via BBC

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