10 Women Who Are Spreading the Word About Aleppo

Genocide is occurring in Aleppo and not enough people are aware of this harsh reality for Syrians.

Innocent civilians are being forced to choose between escaping to government controlled areas or rebel controlled areas. Pro-government forces are entering homes and killing women and children. Children are being burned alive. The women in Aleppo are asking their husbands to kill them or resorting to suicide  in order to escape rape from President Bashar al-Assad’s loyal government officials. 300,000 Syrians are dead and millions are displaced.

With social media, the slaughter in Aleppo is being recorded in real time. Here are some brave women telling real stories of the tragedy occurring in Aleppo.

1. Bana Alabed and her mother Fatemah

Bana is seven years old and she’s spreading her story through tweets about her life under siege. She’s been referred to as the Anne Frank of the Syrian Civil War.

They have been receiving death threats and are being targeted by the regime. Fatemah and her family said they had no food and were sharing one cup of water a day. They’ve since escaped Aleppo.

2. Dr. Farida

Dr. Farida is the last female OBGYN in Aleppo and she is continuing to work through the bombings underground in the basement of crumblings buildings.

Dr. Farida is trapped in Aleppo and can’t escape the regime. She tells her story of how hospitals are being targeted during bombings and her efforts to shield her daughter from the cruelty of the world. She says when Russia is bombing she sends her daughter into the bathroom with headphones and her phone to watch a movie, but she still she is scared.

Dr. Farida and 28 other doctors penned an open letter addressed to President Barack Obama for a no fly zone so they are able to obtain the medical supplies they need to save lives. Dr. Farida took a pledge to help those in need and says she will not stop until there’s peace in Aleppo.

3. Lina Shamy

Lina Shamy is the an activist tweeting from Aleppo. She posted a video on twitter asking for the world to save humanity and said her goodbyes to the world. She also tweeted a story of families gathering to flee Aleppo and how the regime welcomed them by opening fire.

4. Lina Sergie Attar

Lina Sergie Attar is a Syrian-American writer, architect, and activist. Attar tweets updates on what’s happening in Aleppo and helped co-create the non profit organization Karam Foundation, as well as being on the board of directors for the Syria Campaign. She helped create programs that help displaced children in Syria and she often travels to the Syrian border to help run the Karam Foundation as well as Smart Aid programs.

5. Nada Hashem

Nada Hashem is the director of operations for the Karam Foundation as well as being the cofounder for How Many More? and Students Organize for Syria. She aims to raise awareness of the needs of the people of Syria. She’s recently tweeted that a one of President Assad’s shellings hit the roof of her office and didn’t explode.

6. Anne Barnard

Anne Barnard is an award winning journalist for the New York Times. She is the Beirut bureau chief reporting on Syria and the middle east. She is based out of Lebanon and actively tweets about the heart wrenching moments of what is going on in Syria sharing photos and stories.

7. Fahrinisa Fatima Oswald

Fahrinsa Fatima Oswald is a freelance photojournalist covering stories about the Middle East and refugee crisis in Europe. She frequently posts photos and brief interviews with individual refugees throughout Europe.

8. Maya Gebeily

Maya Gebeily is an Lebanese-American Agence France Presse journalist who tweets her views and opinions on Syria. As well as sharing her articles with her followers.

9. Louisa Loveluck

Louisa Loveluck is an award winning journalist, reporting on the war in Syria for the Washington Post based out of Beirut. She keeps her followers up to date through giving voices to those to have none.

10. Rose Troup Buchanan

Rose Troup Buchanan is a reporter for Buzzfeed UK covering the war in Aleppo and actively tweeting her articles for her followers to read and share.

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