10 Q’s With Nicole Arbour

Galore (G): Nicole Arbour…The world met you as a comedian and Youtuber, now you’re making noise in the music scene and crushing as an entrepreneur. What do you want to be known as? 

Nicole Arbour (N): Nicole Arbour haha. I look up to the old school entertainers like Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, even Gene Wilder. The ones who danced, sang, acted, produced, and were comedians. I wanna do it all like the OGs. I love doing it all. 

G: Who are your favorite artists right now? 

N: Tate McRae, Lianey Wilson, and ScarLip. I LOVE watching talented girls working their butts off and blowing up. Tate is a pop Goddess also from Canada like me who can dance her butt off. Some of Lainey’s big hits were co-written by an old friend of mine and I feel like I got a front row seat to her rise. So fun watching her win. And ScarLip, everyone needs to know about. To me she’s the best thing to happen to rap/hiphop since Minaj. Love to work with her one day. 

G: Sometimes online you’re sweet and talking about manifesting, or helping fans with chronic pain… other times, you go full Monstar in rants and metal-esque rock music. Is one side an act or alter ego? 

N: Haha… noooooooo. They’re both me. And if we’re being real everyone has more than one side. I think of it more as I’m a super hero. During the day I can be “normal” but when it’s time to kick as* I put on the suit and let the power out. 

G: The song and video for Monstar are about a time when you had to be your own super hero, can you tell us about that. 

N: Of course. I wrote Monstar when I was getting injections into the nerves in my back and went into shock. It was a procedure to help me walk daily again after being in a car accident and spending the better part of 8 years disabled and in bed. While I was trying to meditate myself through the pain, I heard the whole track in my head. When I got out of post op, I recorded in my cell phone as a voice note. Now, it’s a track! 

G: How would you describe your playlist? 

N: Alt Rock meets Gwen Stefani meets The Secret, with random Dance Hall or Soca in there haha. 

G: What’s your sign? 

N: Slippery when wet. Kidddinggggg. Cancer baby! 

G: Favorite Podcast? 

N: The Steve Harvey Show. I listen everyday.  

G: If you had to wear one outfit forever, what is it?

N: Easy. Cowboy boots, black high waisted yoga pant, bustier, and a fur coat. Gimmie a bunch of rings, bracelets for the left side, and a statement necklace too so i don’t feel naked please and thanks.

G: You’ve been ahead of content trends over and over. Videos people tried to cancel you for became popular topics with massive audiences agreeing with you months or years later. How does that feel? 

N: Like y’all should just listen to me the first time already. haha. 

G: Last question. Not to be creepy, but I’ve seen all over IG and Tiktok cheering for celebs and random people in the comment sections of posts. Do you just be nice to people for fun?

N: That’s #GOTEAM baby! I can cheer for you cause I know I’m dope too. If you want cheers, cheer for other people… watch what happens. 😉 

G: Love it. Go Team Nicole Arbour.

N: Go Team Galore! 

Monstar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWXYGzxQ6DM

Instagram: @ibnicolearbour

Tiktok: @ibnicolearbour

Photo Credits:

Photog: Yana Sabaytis

MUA and Hair: Victoria Monroe

Jacket: ROCK N Karma

Boots: Steve Madden

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