10 Gifts Under $10 That Look Way More Expensive

Oh, the holidays. While getting in the spirit and giving and receiving can be so much fun, it’s hard to enjoy the seven secret Santa’s you’ve been included in when you’re broke.

But have no fear, because there is a way to do it without breaking the bank. Here are 10 gifts under $10 that look like they could be much more expensive.


1. Lush Bath Bomb, $4.95-$7.95

Not only are you giving your friend a fucking awesome bath bomb, you’re also giving them material for their aesthetically pleasing Instagram. You’re knocking out two birds with one bath bomb.

Buy here.


2. Wrap Cord Choker, $7

This looks like something Kim K would wear, and you should literally find a really nice jewelry bag or box to wrap it in to make it really look expensive.

Buy here.


succulents-galore-mag3. Succulents, $6.95

Another gift that could not only benefit the person your giving it to, but their Instagram feed too. These are really cheap, but so cute and they last a long time with relatively little water.

Buy here.


4. Fancy-looking condoms, $9.59

Everyone needs condoms, and you’re basically saving your friends from the social anxiety and pain of having to embarrassingly ask the bodega man for the condoms behind the counter. Could also be a gag gift for your lesbian friends, or a serious one for your straight-as-a-board friends.

Buy here.


5. American Gothic Tote Bag, $7.59

For the art hoe in your life: American Gothic is a classic. And now, they can take it with them to every artsy hole-in-the-wall cafe they frequent so even the baristas know they’re into art and really sophisticated.

Buy here.


6. Cute Tea Diffuser, $10

A sloth tea diffused? For under $10? Look at it’s little hands that cup the edge of your mug, how freaking cute! And it’s smiling! Your animal-loving friends will adore this for sure.

Buy here.


7. External Battery Charger, $7.69

This is the perfect gift for anyone really, but even better for the friend who is always complaining about running out of battery. Or if you have a friend who frequents concerts or music festivals, this could really be a life saver.

Buy Here.


8. Giant One-Pound Snickers Bar, $9.89

For the friend that’s always bragging about being on the latest diet. One pound of pure sugar, carbs and chocolate. Every dieters nightmare, but you can cheat around the holidays, right?

Buy Here.


9. 3-in-1 Avocado Opener, $9.95

I wish I had this honestly, and it’s really cheap. Especially with avocado toast being such a trendy thing to eat, and to post on Instagram. Do you see a trend here?

Buy here.


10. Grow a Boyfriend, $4.59

This is the only item on this list that I think looks cheap, but it was too funny not to include. It’s definitely a gag gift for your single girlfriends or gay friends. The Grow-a-Boyf is the only man who really does grow six times his size!

Buy here.

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