11 Anthems To Remind Us That Girls Rule And Boys Drool

If you’re a 90s baby like myself, you’ll remember that our decade gave birth to some kick-ass jams that showed us girls that we actually rule the world. To this day, I still pump up these tunes on the regular,  especially when a fuckboy gets me down. In case you wanted to spruce up your weekly playlist with some new (but actually old) bangers, check out our 10 favs below:

1. “Don’t Call Me Baby” – Madison Avenue

This goes out to all the men who catcall as they walk down the street. No, I am not your baby! Please take a seat and let me through.

2. “Crush” – Jennifer Paige

One of my most favorite songs and reminder to all fuckboys that just because we’re interested doesn’t mean we’re obsessed.

3. “Short Dick Man” – 20 Fingers ft. Gillette

I mean, who does?

4. “No Scrubs” – TLC

No explanation needed. Do you want a scrub?? Cuz I definitely don’t. You tell ’em, TLC.

5. “Just A Girl” – No Doubt

Of course Gwen Stefani has to be on this list. The songs talks about being belittled as a woman and not taken seriously, something I can definitely relate to.

6. “Bitch” – Meredith Brooks

Megababe Meredith Brooks croons that it’s okay to not always be pleasant as a woman and that it’s natural to feels the ups and downs of daily life. Everyone has emotions, okay?

7. “He Wasn’t Man Enough” – Toni Braxton

Toni gets serious as she sings about not worrying about a dude she already dumped. Once you’re gone, you’re gone! Don’t ever forget that.

8. “None Of Your Business” – Salt n’ Pepa

We can do whatever we want whenever we want so mind your own business.

9. “I’m Every Woman” – Whitney Houston

Whitney pays homage to how brilliant woman are. We can literally accomplish anything we set our eyes on accomplishing, don’t even think of trying to hold us back.

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10. “No More” – 3LW

What ever happened to 3LW? I was obsessed with this girl group growing up and to this day know all the rap verses to their self-titled album. This song, in particular, is about being fed up with your bae’s shit.

11. “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” – Shania Twain

Shania tells it like it is. All she wants to do is go out and have fun with her gal pals and forget about conforming to a sometimes misogynist society.

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