This Serum Turns Any Liquid Makeup Into Bronzer

File this under “incredible beauty products you never knew you needed.”

Cover FX has created a line of droplets that will turn your makeup bag into a science kit, but a really tan and sexy science kit, if that makes sense. I got to try one of them, and it transformed my tinted moisturizer into a tinted bronzer.

I’m not gonna lie, I was super confused when I first laid eyes on Cover FX’s Custom Enhancers, as they’re known. They’re supposed to be highlighters and bronzers, but they’re liquid and they come out through a little eye dropper — hence the science kit connection. What was I supposed to do with a liquid bronzer? Wouldn’t it make me look orangey and insane, like someone who’d overdosed on sunless tanner?

Then I read the directions like a normal person, and it all made sense.

To use Custom Enhancer drops, you pick the shade you want — I chose Sunlight for optimum pale betch bronzing effect — and mix it in with the liquid makeup of your choice. That creates a subtle bronzing effect, not the all-over-orange face I feared.

So I pumped out some Urban Decay Naked Skin One & Done, as I (and Kylie Jenner) do every morning. Only this time, I added a shiny little drop of Custom Enhancer. I applied the concoction to my skin, and when it was done, I looked way more radiant and a little less cakey than usual.

I definitely prefer it to my regular powder bronzer, which I can never quite get to look natural. Plus, it’s letting me extend the life of all the liquid makeup I got over the winter that’s now too light for my slightly tanned skin tone.

All in all, I can’t recommend Cover FX Custom Enhancer drops enough if you’re looking for an all-over bronzey look.

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