1, 2, 3, 4 Things You Didn’t Know About Gin Wigmore


At the age of 16, New Zealander Gin Wigmore beat 11,000 songwriters from 77 countries in a competition that would establish her as the youngest Grand Prize Winner to ever win the U.S. based International Songwriting Competition, with a song she wrote called “Hallelujah”. Since then, all your favorite movies and shows have featured Gin’s work—her music has appeared in One Tree Hill (my personal favorite of all time), Grey’s Anatomy, Teen Wolf, and Revenge. Now, her latest album is about to drop and you can expect that Gin will be getting down and dirty, and bone deep—the album’s called “Blood to Bone” and it’s out June 30th.

1 Favorite Song Right Now

1. “Without You” by Tobias Jesso Jr

2 Of Her Biggest Musical Influences

1. Debbie Harry. “I just think she’s the coolest, most badass chick of all time.”

2. alt-J. “For this album, alt-J was definitely a huge influence. For sure.”

3 Favorite Places In The World

1. New Zealand. “New Zealand is home.”

2. Hawaii. “I love all the big islands, and the beach. It’s so beautiful there.

3. Paris. “You can’t not say Paris. Paris is just…the coolest. It’s Paris!”

4 Reasons To Be Excited For Gin’s Upcoming Album, Blood To Bone

1. The way her work has evolved. “My last album was called ‘Gravel And Wine’, so this one feels like a movement forward. You know, it’s so hard to come up with snappy little titles, but with this album, it was just such an organic process. I came up with ‘Blood to Bone’, which just made so much sense, because the album really just gets bone deep.”

2. The music videos she’s making for it. “We’re just now working on a really cool music video that has a Bonnie and Clyde thing going on, but it’s super dark. I’m also really excited about it because my husband is starring as the main lead in it! We basically just get to hang out for twelve hours at a time.”

3. The effort that went into it. “I spent an entire year writing the album, then a few weeks recording and mixing it after that. It was a crazy process!”

4. The way she wrote it. “Usually I’ll start out writing my songs with chords or melodies, but this time I was experimenting a lot with drum loops. I really just wanted to just jump in the deep end, so I started out with drum loops.

“Blood To Bone” is out June 30th.

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