Many of us use Tiktok to laugh at funny videos, share clips with our friends and family but could you imagine it drastically changing your life? Well, that’s what happened to fashion’s newest IT girl Zoi Lerma when she started going viral for essentially being herself. With 6 million supporters on her Tiktok, almost half a million on her Instagram and another 14k on Youtube, it’s safe to say Zoi is not only here to stay but is taking the internet by storm. We sat down with the 22-year-old Cali native to discuss her rise in popularity, how she plans to keep the momentum going and much more.  

Featured Interview:

Tell us about your first viral moment.

My first viral moment was in 2020, right at the start of the “peak” of TikTok. I would say I had thought how funny it would be if I just made a dance video to Nuketown by Ski Mask. It was so random, and I didn’t professionally dance growing up, but I saw other people posting dance videos on the app and I thought to myself, “Wait, I can do that!” I made a dance to the song and posted it on my page, not really thinking anything of it, let alone thinking anyone would really see it. I woke up the next morning with hundreds of thousands of views on the video! I was genuinely glued to my phone for the next three days, constantly refreshing and reading different comments of people I didn’t know at all, and people who were “verified”. It was such a bizarre and exciting feeling, especially since my dad seemed as obsessed with it as I did! The video gained even more traction over the next week, getting over a million views- I was in college at the time playing soccer, and I remember athletes I was friends with telling me, “Omg I saw your video on TikTok!”, in the training room. Although it was slightly embarrassing, I thought to myself how far I could really take this if I kept posting similar videos. 

How has TikTok changed the trajectory of your life?

I feel like TikTok has changed my life immensely. Before posting consistently, I was a normal college athlete thinking the rest of my college experience was going to be playing soccer and realizing what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Although it was a process, it felt like the change was considerably fast. I remember being at my apartment that I shared with my teammates and having my friend Kacie record almost all my videos for me, if I was home, it would be my dad. It’s funny to think back on how seriously I took it. I met so many people that I have been friends with since the day I met them, solely from TikTok and doing the same things as me. I know I will be friends with these people forever. I’ve gotten to experience numerous opportunities with the people I love simply from being on the app. and posting what I loved. I often think about how different my life would be if I never posted that one video. If I had just gone through college not knowing the capability of how much the app. could shift my life. All these opportunities, experiences, relationships I’ve made, and where I’m today, physically and mentally, started when I was 19! Posting a dance video in my room at my dad’s house. It makes me very grateful, it changed the trajectory of my life significantly, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.   

What fashion brand are you currently obsessed with?

I feel like that’s such a hard question because I’ve been obsessed with so many recently, but I would say my favorite right now is Miu Miu. I feel like the brand matches my aesthetic perfectly, and everything I’ve worn from them/ tried on has fit me so well. I love how colorful their pieces are at times, but also very simple yet classic. Other ones I LOVE right now are Acne Studios, Gucci, and YSL. 

What fashion trend are you so over?

I don’t really have a fashion trend I really dislike right now, BUT a clothing item I don’t love anymore is cargo pants. I def had my time with them and wore them non-stop at one point, but I don’t really own any anymore, it’s not my favorite at all.   

What fashion trends are pioneering?

I feel like miniskirts have been a big part of who I am recently and have a huge place in my closet! Not just miniskirts, but SUPER miniskirts. It’s one of my favorite items of clothing, if not, my favorite. What I LOVE to do though is make different items of clothing into a skirt. Whether that be layering things to make it into a skirt or making a long-sleeved shirt into a mini skirt. I love wearing pieces of clothing where they’re not usually worn or wearing them a different way than they’re usually worn. Although that trend has been around for a while, it allows you to use your clothing in very unique ways and definitely keeps the excitement in fashion.    

Full Look: Miu Miu

What is your favorite fragrance?

My favorite fragrance since high school, I should note, is Black Opium from YSL Beauty. This perfume has genuinely been the only perfume I’ve gone to the store and bought for myself. I remember for some reason I never really liked to wear perfume when I was younger, and then I smelt a sample of Black Opium at Sephora and I was like wow, I NEED it. My favorite right now is the Black Opium Le Parfum, so I’m pretty sure it’s a newer one. I get compliments on how I smell every time I go out! 


What are your top 3 red flags with dating?

I would say if (1.) If he’s constantly sussed out by you and thinks you’re cheating/ doing something sneaky. Babe, that means he’s cheating I’m sorry! If you’ve given no reason for him to be suspicious of you and he STILL is and TELLING you that you’re cheating on him, he’s projecting! (2.) He doesn’t let you wear what you want when you go out. This genuinely just means he’s insecure and he thinks victim blaming is okay because if you get hit on or something bad happens, he will think it’s your fault because of what you wore… EW. It also just goes back to him being controlling and wanting to have a say in anything you do. (3.) If he love bombs you, yes this is an obvious one, but it genuinely is so true. It feels nice but it’s manipulative and you’ll notice it down the line. Mwah.   

What makes you the happiest in this moment of your life?

At this moment, I would say being surrounded by people I love. I feel like I have a solid group of friends right now and people around me who always have my best interest in mind, as I do them. We’re all so motivating to each other, and it makes it easy to do work when you’re with someone who’s pushing you equally as hard. I feel like having a strong support system is so important, and I find comfort in knowing I’m secure and have that.   


What TikTok challenge makes you cringe?

I don’t know if this counts as a challenge, but the AI/NPC trend makes me cringe now. It used to be funny, and honestly people were making a lot of money off it, but it makes me cringe now lol. I remember when I was in New York and I saw a person on Tiktok live in the middle of a busy sidewalk being an NPC (then saw him on my phone a second later), and I was like what’s happening… I respect the grind though.   

How did you come up with the name Zoifish? 

It’s so random but a funny story, I came up with it in middle school, right around the time everyone was obsessed with Instagram and trying to think of clever usernames to have. I spell my name Z-o-i, so all my friends in middle school would pronounce my name “Zoy”. I would rarely hear anyone say my name normally lol. I was trying to think of something that went with “Zoy”. I loved fish so I thought of Koi, where then I was like, “Zoifish!” I remember changing my username, and after that, all my friends in middle school would call me “Zoyfish”! It stuck ever since then, and it’s funny to think that people I’ve never met now know me as that too! 

Who are your SHEROES?

I would say right now it would be Zendaya and Lady Gaga! I am so obsessed with their work ethic and how multitalented they are. They really have built something so special for themselves, an empire. Zendaya being a fashion icon and turning something she began when she was young into something so huge for herself. They both stand for beautiful things, and they look so unique in their own ways. They’ve shown everyone that they can practically do anything and have built such a strong fan base because of it. Lady Gaga has always been so loud with her outfits, makeup, personality, etc. She also doesn’t look like anyone else, and I think that makes her special.   

Dress & Earrings: Diesel

What song is currently on blast on your playlist?

Get Free and Tomorrow Never Came by Lana Del Rey! I’ve always been a Lana fan and have gone through multiple phases with her, but for some reason I’m obsessed with these two right now. 

What makes a fashion icon, and would you say you are on the way to that?

I would say the biggest part of naming yourself a fashion icon is the confidence you carry while wearing the pieces. Someone who not only starts trends but keeps the “trend” going as long as they’re doing it. A fashion icon can make ANYTHING look good; not because of what piece went where or what it looks like on their body, but the confidence they carry with it. Anyone can throw something on, but why does it especially look good on them? Someone who puts stuff together one wouldn’t even THINK about putting, but somehow it always ends up looking amazing. Thus, starting a never ending “trend”. Like “she wore this, so I went out and bought it too.” Confidence is arguably the most important “piece” to an outfit. I would like to think I’m on my way to that. I feel like clothing and style has always been a big part of my life, it’s just been emphasized more since I’ve started social media. I feel as though I’ve come a long way, clothing and confidence wise, since I was young. Being a fashion icon is more internal than external, in my opinion.   

What advice would you give your 16-year-old self?

To trust in my decisions and not compare myself to other people. I feel like I was a big people pleaser when I was younger, yet still had a sense of independence in myself. I still feel as though I’m a little bit of a people pleaser today, but I have boundaries now. I’ve grown confidence in myself over the years that can’t be touched anymore. I’ve realized every decision I’ve made where I went with my gut and trusted MYSELF has never made me feel bad or feel like it was the “wrong” decision. Have confidence in yourself in knowing there’s literally no one in the WORLD who’s exactly like you and focus on your own talents.   

Full Look: Miu Miu

New York or LA and why?

I’m from San Fernando Valley, so I will always have a love and connection with LA- it’s my home! However, I’ve been LOVING New York recently. I’ve always dreamt of living in New York since I was little! I LOVE city life and how fast paced New York is. Although LA is still a big city, there’s a different energy there. Although I’ve never lived in New York, I always feel this sense of urgency and motivation while I’m out there, which keeps pulling me to move lol. Maybe I will soon, but I would miss it here in LA too much, (especially driving). 

What is your favorite beauty item at the moment?

I have too many to choose from, but I’ll say my top right now that I have not done my makeup without recently is the NYX Epic Wear black eyeliner, the shade Leather from ABH’s fall palette, Fenty Glow Heat clear lip gloss, and MAC’s lip liner in Cork. Black eyeliner has been my STAPLE recently, and combined with that eyeshadow shade, I have not received more compliments on my eyes than since I’ve started wearing them together. Trust me and give it a try. 

What is your beauty philosophy?

You will only ever be as beautiful as you believe you are! Everyone holds different standards of beauty, while also collectively thinking someone or something is at a level of beauty that’s agreed upon. You can honestly find beauty in anything, but it’s all perspective. I can find one thing beautiful that someone thinks is hideous, but that’s also the “beauty” in it. You must walk around KNOWING you are beautiful. I believe it all comes internally first. Yes, you can change different things about yourself physically, but how will you ever see beauty in yourself if you can’t be happy with what you see in the beginning? Loving yourself fully is as beautiful as you can ever be.   


If you could make a TikTok with any creator or celebrity, who would it be and what would you do? 

Lady Gaga and recreating La Vie En Rose from a Star is Born LOL.  

What are 3 style tips every girl should live by?

(1.) Take inspo, but don’t copy. This is one of the biggest pieces of advice I can give. Yes, everyone takes inspo from each other, but there’s a difference between taking inspo and copying altogether. Take inspo, but make it unique to you. (2.) Confidence is the biggest piece you could wear. This goes back to seeing someone wear something and thinking, “Wow, why does that look SO good on them?” It is genuinely the confidence they show while wearing it. If you think you look good in what you’re wearing, you will! It’s just a fact. (3.) Sometimes pieces look better together than you think so be open to trying new things. I was always the one to say, “Oh no, that won’t look good on me”, just because I thought I knew how it’d look on me. My favorite pieces I own right now have been from when I tried it on because of how different it looked to my usual style. Trying new things opens doors in your fashion journey.   

What can we expect next from you?

I would say starting new projects for myself that are unique to me, and honestly, shifting to other platforms. I want to show who I am to people on a larger/ longer scale. Also working to create something that I really connect with and believe in that I want to share with others and know they’ll enjoy. So, without being too specific, I would say that lol.   

Leave us with one piece of advice.

Yes, very cliche, but confidence is the key to your life. Once you know yourself and truly believe in yourself, you can make so many things happen that you’ll even be surprised about. Confidence in yourself makes you unbelievably magnetic, and you’ll attract the things you want/ need in your life faster. Have an idea of what and who you want to be, and you will be that. Work on that self-love, it’s the best love.  



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Hair: Ricky Fraser for the Wall Group (@rickyfraserhair)

Makeup: Alexandra French for Forward Artists (@alexandraafrench)

Interview By: James Lee

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Full Wardrobe Look: Miu Miu

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