Young Lee’s Instagram is heaven for fashion baddies in training

Young Lee a.k.a. @youngfuckswithyou on Instagram is the baddie of our dreams. Not only is she fashionable af, she exudes confidence and swag like no other.

My friends are actually obsessed with her, and I totally get why. It takes a real queen to pull off the looks that she can, and she’s exactly what we lowkey wish we looked like. From leather pants to metal chains, Young knows how to work it.

Here’s an inside look to Young’s mindset behind her clothing and confidence.

What would you describe your style as?

My style is different every day because I like to try everything. I like to cut/sew/rip my own clothing, and a lot of my outfits are made from scratch by me.  I love changing my hair and being bold in my everyday look. Mainly, I like to dress edgy with an emphasis on accessories because I like to look unique and I love making my own jewelry. I love to think of new outfits.

Let me make your eyes bleed

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Who are your main style inspirations?

I don’t have specific inspirations, but I love to follow fashion trends and make them my own.

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Do you ever get criticism on the Internet or in person about some of your looks? 

No, not really. I don’t deal with haters.

Young Chun-Li

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How do you maintain your confidence?

I know I look good because I put the effort and thought into it. People who compliment me every day (strangers, friends, fans) keep me going and keep me happy.

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Knowing that Asian families typically are more conservative, like my own, has your family ever commented on your appearance negatively, or are they completely supportive?

Yes, my family is judgmental, but I always do my best to help them understand. Family is important, but it is also important to be yourself.

Call me n speak to my tongue

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What were you like as a child and when did you first become interested in fashion?

I was always an easy-going person throughout my life. I became interested in fashion when I was 12 when I started to shop on my own!

What do you eventually want to do in your career?

I want to be a fashion designer, but now I want to do more things like become a stylist, learn tattooing, and a fashion/visual merchandiser. Anything, really.

Did this #makeup to cook dinner

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What are your main tips on being a badass girl?

Don’t be afraid to dress up, dance, speak, eat what you want, look the way you want, and walk with confidence. Be the center of attention, never stop learning, and be humble. Don’t let anyone talk down to you or your friends, and be loyal to your fashion because confidence comes easy when you know you look good.

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