As the Beyhive prepares for Beyoncé’s “CUNTRY” era, she recently announced she will also be dropping a haircare line in partnership with her mother and former hairstylist Tina Knowles. She first teased the idea of a new business venture last Spring with no release date in sight, but a few days ago released a promo video via Instagram.

The beauty industry is filled with celebrity brands that can make consumers feel like it’s just a cash grab, so the question on many people’s mind is does Beyoncé have a true passion for this new project, or is it just another celebrity hair care line?

The line is already being marketed as a multi-cultural hair care like, with influencers from various races and hair textures being gifted products during the Renaissance ACT I. World Tour last year and through their latest Instagram video. According to one of her biggest fan pages on on X “BeyLegion” with almost 500k followers, Cécred’s official Instagram Shop revels a sneak peek of what could be in store for the new hair line.

The unofficial product lists includes a nourishing hair oil, clarifying shampoo & scalp scrub, cosmetics bag, hydrating shampoo, a bundle of the entire line for $265, sealing lotion, reconstructing treatment mask, deep conditioner, fermented rice & rose protein treatment, double cleansing kit, fortifying treatment kit & ritual shaking vessel.

Since the sneak peep dropped on X yesterday, fans have been discussing how the price point is very affordable, the minimalistic packaging and trying to decipher what some of the products mean/how to use them. With only 5 days until the official launch, many are wondering if Beyoncé will speak about the products, promote her brand more or allow her high profile to do most of the heavy lifting. Regardless of what her plans are in the upcoming days, I’m sure her brand will sell out no matter what. But the real question on many of our minds is will this brand stand the test of time?

Retired celebrity hairdresser Darius Boone discussed his thoughts on Cécred via Tiktok and Instagram and I thought he made many great points. He talks about how Beyoncé has star power as a musician, but when it comes to purchasing products outside of music from her, it’s a different story. Darius compares Rihanna & Kanye’s personal brands and how that translated into their products. “The reason Fenty works so well with Rihanna is because she was making content using her stuff. And Savage works so well with her because she has shown us she’s a savage. Think about Kanye with Yeezy, how passionate he is about it and how raw the content, conversations and everything he does around his shoots are. Beyoncé is not going to give us all of that.”

So lets discuss, will Beyonce’s new hairline be a brand that we will be using for years to come? Or will it come and go like House of Deréon and Ivy Park? Either way, I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks once the line drops and which products will be fan favorites.

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