What To Do When Your Boyfriend Is ‘Too Tired’ To Have Sex

Traditionally, men are known as being the horn-dogs in the relationship. But as women, we know it can definitely be the other way around. What’s a girl supposed to do when all she craves is a good dose of the D and her boyfriend insists he is “too tired?” Besides kick and scream, of course. When you’re done asking Siri or browsing Google, go ahead and try a few of our recommendations:

OPTION A: Go down on him. 

What guy is not going to get horny when you’re getting busy down there? If that doesn’t get him in the mood, then I’m assuming you guys have more serious problems to deal with. Try it as he is just starting to wake up. Trust me, he’ll be more satisfied if you start your day with a nice lil’ romp in the sheets.

OPTION B: Put on some porn and start masturbating in front of him. 

Okay, okay, I know this may sound a little crude to some of our more conservative readers, but getting out of your comfort zone is super sexy! When your bae is reading or finishing up some work in bed, find a porn that will turn BOTH of you on and go for it. I assure you he’ll be so taken aback that he’ll immediately be aroused and want to join in on the fun.

OPTION C: Send him some sexy photos throughout the day to get him riled up for when you see him later.

Your boyfriend may be tired after work, but I’m sure he still thinks about sex a lot. I mean, I sincerely hope he does. But try getting him in the mood when he technically isn’t supposed to be in the mood, like when he’s at work or with family. Just send him a couple risqué photos of yourself, or even some naughty texts describing what you want to do to him. By the time he gets home, all he’ll want to do is satisfy you (hopefully).

If none of these work, then you need to have a serious talk with your boo and address your concerns. Don’t let your relationship become a snore! You have needs too, and they’re just as important!

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