The Weeknd Hates Donald Trump So Much That He Canceled On Jimmy Kimmel

The Weeknd was supposed to perform on the episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live after learning Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was also set to appear,

It was probably a good call, since Trump went back on a previous statement he made, where he promised to protect the rights of transgender folks to gender-neutral bathrooms, and that most likely would upset a lot of people. Now, the Donald says he believes the individual states should be responsible for deciding.

Abelxo was set to perform alongside Belly, a Muslim rapper who co-wrote a few of The Weeknd’s hit songs, including “Earned It,” ”The Hills,” ‘Into the Night” and “Often.” Mac Miller and T.I. are some other hip hop artists are among the large number of public figures who have voiced their dislike for the presidential hopeful.

Here’s the video of Donald’s appearance on Kimmel, in case you’re interested.

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