WARNING: @CollageVintage Says This Swimsuit Style Is ‘The Opposite Of Chic’

Meet Sara Escudero aka @CollageVintage, our Instagram girl of the week!

Sara’s a blogger and globe trotter with an Instagram account full of all the beauty, style, and travel inspiration a girl could ever need. We caught up with her to find out the sexiest piece of clothing she owns and even what swimsuit style is way out of style. See what she had to say, below.

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What’s the sexiest piece of clothing you own?

A simple light blue slip dress.

What’s the secret to the best Instagram post? Or better yet, the secret to the best OOTD pic?

Spontaneous images taken in natural light, and ideally a feminine look like a backless dress.

If you had to wear one outfit for the entire year of 2016, what would it be?

My favorite pair of jeans, a white cable-knit sweater, trench coat, comfy suede boots, and a vintage bag.

What are your thoughts on “the monokini?”

Honestly, I’m not a fan… I think it’s the opposite of chic.

Which city has the best shopping?

London! It has the best mix of affordable and luxury brands, and the vintage markets are amazing.

Who is your biggest style icon?

Its a tie between Jane Birkin and Alexa Chung.

What’s your personal stance on piercings and tattoos? Do you have any? Why or why not?

I don’t have any tattoos, but I really like little ones on certain people. I tend to limit piercing to ears only.

The most important beauty product for festival season?

Bronze powder!

What’s your biggest tip for healthy skin?

Drink lots of water, eat fruit, and definitely get enough sleep. I should really take my own advice more often!

What skincare products are you in love with right now?

Guerlain Acqua-serum cream and Shiseido Intensive Eye Contour cream.

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