Timeless Elegance Unveiled at FW24 NYFW: Dundu.n Timelessness Presentation

 In an unforgettable display of fashion and innovation, the FW24 NYFW Timelessness Fashion Show, presented by Dundu.n, took center stage at NYC Landmark, World Trade Center’s “The Oculus” The exclusive event, held on NYFW Time, including influential fashion connoisseurs and luminaries, adding to the allure of this exceptional showcase.

Inspired by “Timelessness Fashion”, The brainchild of Jiajia Wang, representing Dundu.n International, this curated experience aimed to bridge the worlds of fashion and art, delivering an immersive journey through the latest collections from eight renowned fashion and jewelry designer brands. The show unfolded in the refined ambiance of the WTC space, setting the stage for an intimate gathering of fashion enthusiasts. Attendees were treated to a convergence of fashion and art, with unique fashion shows, interactive installations, VR/AR experiences, artworks, and more.

The featured brands:

Arrosé: The Artemis Collection

In the world of Arrosé, the very essence of personal elegance is akin to a delicate bloom, nurtured from within. Translating to “watered” in French, the brand is a celebration of self-nurturing, a journey towards personal growth that transcends life’s chaotic narratives. Embracing authenticity, Arrosé invites you to find solace in the beauty of genuine self-expression.

Born in the heartbeat of style, New York City, Arrosé initially emerged as a homeware brand, redefining the art of living. The brand creative process is a fusion of past and future aesthetics, connecting with artisans worldwide to craft objects that inspire. In relentless pursuit of individuality, each piece challenges conventional norms, creating a tactile landscape that transcends mere aesthetics.

Step into the avant-garde realm of our latest creation, “Artemis.” This newest collection is a harmonious fusion of Western and Eastern cultures, drawing inspiration from the Art Nouveau movement. Much like the goddess herself, Artemis projects sophistication with an underlying rebellious spirit. The flowing lines pay homage to the intricate layers of femininity, celebrating the woman who flows like water—an embodiment of embracing one’s true self. Arrosé extends an exclusive invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery through art. In this realm, beauty is not just an aesthetic; it’s a language that defines who you are.

In a mesmerizing fusion of style and artistry, Arrosé took center stage at the “Timelessness NYFW Presentation,” showcasing a delicate collaboration with Art Work “ St. George and the Dragon” made by NYC artist XiongWei. Together, they offered visitors a fresh perspective on the brand—infusing humble materials with new life, crafting distinctive forms, and breaking away from conventional visual norms. In this enchanting collaboration, spectators were treated to a departure from the mundane as Arrosé and the visionary artist Xiong Wei orchestrated an immersive experience that dared to defy conventional expectations. Each artful piece presented served as a poignant testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to shattering boundaries and reshaping the crossroads of fashion and art.

Arrosé’s “Timelessness NYFW Presentation” transcended a mere display of exquisite designs; it extended a gracious invitation to embrace a new era of style—an era that revels in the harmonious union of simplicity and innovation. This showcase breathed life into the very essence of the brand, beckoning all to partake in a celebration of artistic evolution and timeless allure.

OYEᒪEKE | Divine Mercy 21

Oyeleke’s latest collection is a divine revelation, inspired by Jesus appearing to St. Faustina. Founded by Bobola Oyeleke, a former seminarian is the Visionary behind the Brand.Through this CollectionThe white garment with red and pale rays becomes a central motif, symbolizing the mercy and love of God.

Referencing St. Faustina’s diary and the divine instruction to paint an image, the collection showcases a seamless fusion of spirituality and fashion. The rays, emanating from Jesus’ heart, signify an oasis of mercy, while satin cassocks and silk shawls worn by confessor Michael Sopocko inspire elegant dresses and coats.

The elongated drawstrings on bottoms pay homage to ceremonial cassocks, and a silk surplice on a hoodie recalls the designer’s seminarian days, creating a personal touch.

Bobola Oyeleke, the visionary behind the “Sophi – Eccentric Gentle Avant-Garde” brand, marries spirituality with fashion, drawing from his global experiences and tech background. This collection not only fulfills St. Faustina’s divine wish offers wearers a unique connection to the divine, symbolizing charity, forgiveness, and the enduring love of God.

 Sourplum – Juvenile

Founded in 2019, SOUR PLUM is centered around exploring the intriguing question, “What does it mean to be an adolescent?” The designer delves into the exploration of youth’s multifaceted nature through fabric, cut, and silhouette. Unrestricted and undefined, the brand envisions infinite possibilities for today’s youth.

SOURPLUM champions a fluid attitude to embrace the zeitgeist. Utilizing fashion as a medium, the brand communicates its core philosophy of “CHANGE N SNAP.” On the surface, this concept reflects the self-expressive nature of young people in the digital age, as they constantly update their wardrobe and capture their evolving personas through selfies. Beneath this lies a deeper layer, one that embraces the aesthetic changes in thought and ideas, transcending the binaries of good and bad to celebrate the best version of oneself in the present moment.

​​Wen New York

Wen, a designer brand that is breaking barriers and reimagining the world of functional leather bags for everyone. Founded by Wen Zhedong in New York, Wen is a brand that embraces inclusivity as its core philosophy.

Wen’s journey began with its visionary founder, Wen Zhedong, who drew inspiration from his Eastern roots and global culture while pursuing a master’s degree at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). With a passion for accessory design, Wen set out to create a brand that reflects the harmony of Eastern styling and Western tailoring

Dopl World

Imagine a place out of time, a universe far beyond the reaches of our own. Enter Dopl World, an alternate reality uninhibited by the laws of physics, emerging from liminal space in brilliant candescent light.

Ethereal and enlightened, the inhabitants of Dopl live in symbiosis with the adornments of their world, blurring the boundaries between wearer and worn.

Artifacts from this utopic dimension are brought to life when worn, animated by gesture. An unapologetic celebration of indulgence, retro futurism meets Rococo in this luxurious exploration of an interdimensional material culture. Explore your Dopl World alter ego and coalesce with the altered self

Roommate 22– Love’s Finale: A Poetic Collection

Roommate 22 FW24, A collection that echoes the timeless power of love amid the gathering shadows, where shared moments beneath a dark sky and in the dust paint a canvas of beauty found in the final embrace.

Our palette, a symphony from twilight blues to dusky grays, orchestrates the journey from fading light to the tender cradle of shadows. Soft and distressed textures dance in harmony, embodying the warmth of love and the gentle decay of a world’s final exhale. Silhouettes, intimate and connected, pirouette with the fluidity and resilience of love in the face of impending night. In these garments, a poetic invitation to join the ballet, to partake in the beauty that emerges at the world’s end – a sonnet to the enduring power of human connection and the choice to embrace love as the final curtain descends.

“Love alters not with brief hours and weeks, But bears it out even to the edge of doom If this be error and upon me proved, I never writ, nor no man ever loved.”— William Shakespeare

Emerging from the pulsating heart of New York, Roommate 22 emerges not just as a lingerie brand, but as an embodiment of alluring fashion and unwavering support for marginalized communities. From our very inception, we’ve ignited a fervent celebration of diverse body contours, igniting a blaze of confidence that seductively embraces individuality. Our purpose? To set ablaze an intoxicating lifestyle where every soul exudes an irresistible magnetism, embracing their true selves with an unapologetic allure.


Nimbus Things – A collaboration between Mona Jewelry & OOii by Wenjüe Lu.Across every corner of the world, thoughts in the form of steam drift upward from every dreaming mind, until they hit the sky and merge. Upon waking, a new rainfall awaits…

The sea of clouds is made up of countless oceans of dreams, inside them are the interwoven dancing and chanting of shapes, colors, and sounds;

Nimbiis are raindrops destined yet too reluctant to fall, they are sublimating fantasies, they are dreamlands set adrift. They do not wish to dissipate, they do not want to wake up, so they begin to roam, and roam…

We dive into the clouds tracing and chasing and putting together these dots and drops of dream-like, cloud-like rains. One after another, silhouettes begin to surface above sea level, Undergoing photosynthesis, Nimbiis are starting to take shape.


HENGYIN is a Fashion Boutique located in NYC with multiple local and overseas designer brands in stock. 

Heng Yin advocates to expand fashion brands’ visibility, popularity and influence worldwide. For selected overseas’  designer brands, HENG YIN fashion boutique seeks to explore their development in NYC.

HENGYIN focus on bringing unique fashion styles to the market. HENGYIN provides 24/7 customer service and offers customized tailoring upon request. Professionals are available at our boutique to measure your detailed body size.

HENGYIN is a customer-orientated fashion boutique with service that tailors the unique taste.

The show showcased their FW24 Collections through distinctive presentations. From avant-garde designs to exquisite jewelry pieces, each brand left an indelible mark on the audience, highlighting the diversity and creativity within the fashion industry.

One of the standout features of the event was the personal interaction with the talented designers, who shared their brand stories and created unparalleled installations. This not only provided a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the creative process but also allowed attendees to forge a deeper connection with the showcased collections.

In retrospect, the FW24 NYFW Timelessness Fashion Show emerges as a testament to the dynamism and creativity inherent in the fashion industry. Dundu.n International, in partnership with The Canvas, has successfully redefined the standard for fashion events, leaving fashion enthusiasts eagerly anticipating what the next collaboration will unveil.


Creative Director: Jiajia Wang

UIUX Design: Yihua Tao 

Visual Design: Yinan Chen

Photography: Bohui Xin, Jenny Lee, Christy Wang,Marin Zhang, Zona Chen, Ria Yang, Ashley Carvajal

Art Design: Sia Fang, Longlong

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