This Week In Music: Top Tunes To Play This Weekend.

Whiteline – Crystal Caines feat. A$AP Ferg

You may recognize Crystal Caines from being behind the magic that was A$AP Ferg’s Trap Lord.  This week she dropped her first single, Whiteline, from her upcoming EP, Vertigo, set to come out in the next few months. The track proves that Ms. Caines can spit as well as produce. A$AP Ferg throws in a few verses too in a show of support. The music video features A$AP Ferg riding a white horse and lots of boobs with tassels on them. It’s perfection.

watch the vid here.

Blue Ocean V19 – Jaden Smith

Yes Jaden Smith as in Will Smith’s kid with the wild twitter that’s BFFS with Kendall [Jenner]. This week he dropped his latest single, titled Blue Ocean V19, which features his sister Willow (remember this)  singing some melodic bars over his verses. The seven minute track is ambitious, weird in a good way, and decently dope, and admirably creative. His rhymes are almost as deep as tweets, this kid’s got some serious feelings.

See for yourself here.


STN MTN and Kauai – Childish Gambino

We’ve been looking forward to Childish Gambino’s  latest mixtape / EP since Sober dropped a few weeks ago. This week he surprise released the entire album with 18 new tracks. The songs are divided into two sections, the first 11 making up  his dream sequence and the last 7 his reality in Kauai. Each portion stands alone, but together they makeup an extremely creative project that showcases Childish’s creativity and artistry. The profits of the EP are all going toward keeping Kauai clean. You can download the mixtape for free here. Speaking of Jaden Smith, did we mention he’s featured on the album as the introductory narrator to the Kauai portion?


Tough Love – Jessie Ware

Over the summer Jessie Ware released perhaps the ultimate love makin song/video with Tough Love. This past week, she dropped the entirety of the Tough Love album. The album perfectly hybridizes pop, R&B, and electro genres and features Ms. Ware’s very sexy voice over innovative melodies. Cowritten by Ed Sheeran,  newest single from the album, Say You Love Me is gorgeously sensual and tragic. “Want to feel burning flames when you say my name. Want to feel passion flow into my bones. Like blood through my veins.” We feel you girl.


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