This Season’s Swimsuit Trends According To Fashion Designers Jas And Ness Rose

Jas and Ness are twin fashion designers with an ultra trendy flair. Their wardrobe seems to include nothing but mesh fabric tees, knitted tanks, and some of the cutest (and cheapest) swimwear we’ve seen this year. The Jas and Ness online shop, which is designed and modeled by the twins, features a ton of cute clothes, all of them dirt cheap. These are Forever 21 prices with much swaggier styles. We talked to the designers about their dressing mottos, and the ways to style up swimwear for summer.
What kind of girl are you trying to reach with your clothing? 
Our collections truly have so much to offer and really don’t just cater to one type. We include pieces that are super versatile- so I want someone to see how we put it together and say “I like the way they wore it differently, I want to try wearing it in my own way too!” If we have to be specific though, I’ll say girls with all-around style, or with the potential. There’s day we feel like being girly, and wearing a tight dress and other days where I’m feeling like, “Yo, im just gonna swag out today with my sweatpants…get over it, I’m still cute.”
What do you feel is the most important thing to keep in mind when getting dressed in the morning? 
Jas: My motto is “stay ready, ain’t gotta get ready!” I’m always on the go, so when I get dressed, I think about all the things I have to do that day and dress accordingly. I like to be able to simply switch my shoes or throw a jacket on and easily go from day to night. No one wants to have to head back home and start the “getting ready” process all over again.
Ness: I agree, make sure your outfit is suitable for most of your agenda. I live downtown, so I know if I have to run errands and go back and forth – I’m not going to put on heels on just yet. I can throw on some Chuck Taylors and get it done – then get cuter later.
Is there a way to style up swimwear for summer?
For sure! Bralet tops are definitely a trend this season, and I’ve been seeing swimwear look more contemporary and detailed. I’d suggest pairing your bathing suit top with your favorite jean cutoffs, don’t be afraid to wear jewelry (try a cute body chain and stud earrings)
How does music influence your designs? 
Westart and end our day with music! We curate a bunch of Spotify and Soundcloud playlists and we’ll create mood boards and themes based on what we’d be wearing if this playlist was the vibe.
What’s your star sign? Do you feel that your horoscope influences your fashion choices?
Yes! Our star sign is Pisces and we have every quality of the sign. LOL Pisces can adapt to any environment they are in, relate to a variety of people, always changing their mind and not afraid to take risks. Just like our sign, our fashion sense is very versatile.
Though you are twins, how does your style differ?
Jas: I think I like to be more sexy…
Ness: Really? (throws Jas the side-eye) I disagree. We share one big closet, so our style is very similar in general. But there are some days where I felt like wearing a hat and she chose to wear dark lipstick – so people will assume I’m the “artsy” one and she’s the rocker twin. When really its just that I wanted to wear a hat and she wanted to wear lipstick!

What’s next for Jas and Ness?

TWIN WORLD DOMINATION! We are currently developing a creative space where we can vibe and do all of our work in, and have clients and other creatives come through. We’re also DJ’ing right now and getting kinda good, so we hope to be booking some summer gigs and throwing some more events. We have been getting a lot of inquiries for a TV show, too. Apparently there’s a demand for twins in fashion on tv, who knew?

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