Upgrade Your Entire Makeup Look With This Miracle Balm

Fall is quickly approaching, and so is dryness — dehydrated lips, hands, and cuticles. Ugh. But don’t worry, because I’ve discovered a product that will actually change your entire fall beauty look, and it’s so simple to use.

Honest Beauty Magic Balm, which costs $18 on honestbeauty.com, is truly magical. The balm comes complete with a blend of hydrating and soothing botanical oils, and that’s not all! It’s lightweight, non-greasy, and actually works for both healing and cosmetics reasons. In fact, my skin has never looked better.

Each day I’ll apply it on my lips for a little moisture before applying my lipstick, but alone it’s perfect for a glossy, natural lip. I use it for my cuticles and on any dry patches on my skin. I even dab it on the apples of my cheeks and my eyelids to create a dewy glow.

Honest Beauty Magic Balm is a new essential product, one every woman should carry in her makeup bag. It looks good, feels good, and will get you a ton of compliments. Promise!


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