This Is What Girls’ Night Out Really Looks Like

Ana Tanaka, Cassyette, and Rio Fredrika show us the ultimate girls’ night out.

From a pizza power party to gambling/winning in a casino to midnight bowling madness — these babes know how to have a good time. See the editorial, photographed by Jack Saunders and featuring clothing provided by WEKOKO, below.

L: Victoria Jensen R: Burntsoul Clothing
L: Victoria Jensen R: Burntsoul Clothing
Left: Victoria Jensen Middle: Victoria Jensen Right: Burntsoul Clothing
Left: Victoria Jensen Middle: Burntsoul Clothing Right: Victoria Jensen
Burntsoul Clothing
Both: Vintage Leopard
L: Sera Ulger R: Shopfloor Whore
L: Sera Ulger R: Shopfloor Whore
Both: Marian Eespaev
Puckoo Couture
Puckoo Couture & YRU Boots
ALL: Puckoo Couture
Victoria Jensen

Models: Ana Tanaka at Two Management, Cassyette at Eleventen London & Rio Fredrika

Photography: Jack Saunders

Styling: Ana Tanaka using all designers

Art Direction: Cassyette

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