This Is How Celebrity Stylist, Djuna Bel, Spends A Normal Day

Here’s what it’s like to be model turned celebrity wardrobe stylist Djuna Bel: you get to hang out with Hollywood’s hottest, from Dave Franco to Rashida Jones to Jaden Smith, you spend days on end playing dress up and going shopping, and all this fun stuff is technically considered work, as in, you’re getting paid! #CareerGoals, right? Sure, Djuna spends half her time flying from job to job, but as The Zoe Project taught us, there’s no such thing as a fashion career without a little crazy. This is how she spends a “normal” day.

I wake up at 7am.

My first thought is  “Do i have time to go on a hike with Langley?”

I’m feeling spicy, so I wear nothing much.

I head to work at 9am

In the car I’m blasting David Bowie.

My morning is filled with emails, conference calls, shopping, schlepping, and packing.

For lunch, I’m grubbing on Kitchen Mouse while I wait for my friend Vincent and finish more emails.

My afternoon is spent saving the world from fashion emergencies.

Before I head out for the night, I dance in my living room and change my clothes at least twice.

Today’s event is the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, and I’m looking forward to drinking champagne with Langley and Z.

I’m wearing a white Miu Miu dress that makes me look like a nurse and Fendi sunglasses to make me look a bit crazy.

I get back home at 7pm, decompress with my man, Nikolai Haas and my cats Billie and David, and it’s lights out by midnight (or earlier).

Photos By Mason Poole

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