Why there’s no such thing as dressing “too sexy”

I’m sick of seeing women being called out on Instagram for dressing “too sexy.”

I mean, isn’t feminism supposed to be about accepting someone for who they are? Not calling people out for what they choose to wear?

Ariel Winter, who is famous for her role on the show “Modern Family,” has received her fair share of hate from insta trolls.

Ariel posted a photo on Instagram last year of her wearing a cropped white t-shirt and a pair of cutoff shorts:

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And a commenter had the audacity to say, “honestly how does anyone actually think this photo is any way attractive, it’s horrible.” They also told Ariel to “put some clothes on and to “stop flaunting assets that are in NO WAY attractive.”

And this isn’t the first time Ariel was attacked for wearing an outfit was deemed “too sexy.”

She posted a paparazzi photo of herself and boyfriend Levi Meaden grocery shopping in LA.

In the photo Ariel is wearing a cropped hoodie and her signature pair of Daisy Dukes.

As expected, the media went into a raging garbage fire frenzy and so did the jealous haters of Instagram, calling her slutty and saying things like, “maybe if you ever wore clothes that covered more than 10% of your body you’d be all set.”

A few weeks later, Ariel released a powerful statement about defying society’s bull shit rules of what a woman should or shouldn’t wear, saying, “I’m not trying to show you my ass when I go to the grocery store, i’m trying to live my life.”

“I’m not a stylist, i don’t know what to wear everyday so I look ‘appropriate’ or ‘fashionable,'” she added. “Also, screw having to looking appropriate and fashionable, for what? Society?  Who gets to decide what is appropriate or fashionable? I wear what I like and no one should fault me for that.”

You can read her full statement below:


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There is no reason why dressing in a revealing manner should offend people. Marilyn Monroe did it, and at the time, people thought her clothes were overly sexy. Today, we see her clothes are relatively demure. The standards for what’s too provocative change with time — which proves they’re pretty much based on nothing.

Feminism is about choice. Because there’s no such thing as dressing “too sexy,” everyone has their own sense of style and that shouldn’t be a debate.

Let me tell you something: when a woman feels SEXY, she dresses sexy and uses the outfit as a way to express that feeling. That’s because she feels confident in her own skin, she feels good about herself and tbh, every woman should be able to feel that way and that’s extremely important.

Plus-size model Ashley Graham gave an inspiring speech on body positivity at Glamour’s International Day of the Girl event.

“Whatever someone else thinks is wrong about you, whether it’s your opinion or your body, is actually your superpower,” she said. “I’m not here to make you feel ‘beautiful,’ whatever that means. I’m here to make you understand that true beauty is being okay with who you are. Being okay with who you are is a revolutionary act. And making someone else feel okay with who they are? That’s downright heroic.”

You can watch the full video below, courtesy of Glamour:

DAMNNN GIRL. This is the shit that every woman should listen to. Not the jealous person who calls you a slut for embracing your own body.

Enjoying your body is not a crime and neither is posting a photo of yourself in a bomb AF outfit on Instagram. Let’s get that straight, okay?!

You want to know the REAL reason other women say these things?

I spoke to one of my co-workers who has dealt with slut-shaming online.

“If a woman dresses in anything that is provocative, or revealing, they are automatically called a slut, a ho, a prostitute, every name under the sun,” she said. “It’s because [these commenters] obviously feel insecure about their own bodies and don’t have any self-respect”.

It’s also that they want to believe you’re doing it for attention or to get a guy to have sex with you. But that’s total bull shit. Tbh, it’s because they want what you have, a pretty face and a nice body. It bothers them so much that they have to make you feel that you are less than you are.

And that’s pretty sad. To make another woman feel ashamed about who they are, or what they’re wearing, is against what feminism really is about.

The point is, our bodies belong to us, and they are beautiful. And if other people don’t like that, then fuck em.

Show the world your beautiful bodies and don’t let others tell you it’s not ok to do that.

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