The ‘Instagram Brow’ Is The Latest Beauty Trend Haunting 2016

There’s a new name for overdrawn eyebrows, and it’s the “Instagram brow.”

YouTuber and Cut contributor Wayne Goss calls Instagram brows a “really frightening thing,” and is legit begging his followers to leave the trend behind. “INSTAGRAM EYEBROWS SHOULD BE ILLEGAL,” he writes as a caption on his own photo.

Wayne explains that the “Instagram brow” is when “[the beginning] section of the eyebrow is barely there and thickens out and becomes more defined as it goes along.”

People like it because Kylie Jenner does it. And Kylie Jenner likes it because it photographs well. The only issue is that it doesn’t translate well into real life… so everyone looks like they’ve drawn on their eyebrows. And that’s not the point of makeup.

“Eyebrows are a frame,” Goss says in the video below. He then goes on to explain that an “Instagram brow” is like putting your eyebrows in the thickest, ugliest frame you’ve ever seen. Yikes!

Put down the brow pencil! Try rocking only brow gel and see what happens. I dare you.

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