Editorial: Santa Baby

….Santa Baby, do you hear me?

Our latest editorial is Influenced by Y2K vibes, artist VIRGEN MARIA takes center stage in “Santa Baby.” Drawing inspiration from Christmas classics like “The Nutcracker,” “A Christmas Carol,” and pin-up girl calendars. “Santa Baby” pays homage to the iconic image of Carmen Electra while challenging the stereotypical “sexbomb” portrayal that became more of a burden than a compliment for ’90s icons like Pamela Anderson, Janet Jackson, and Electra herself. It’s not surprising that in recent years, there has been a strong critical reevaluation of how the industry treated these women, granting them the opportunity and voice to demand the justice they were denied in the past. Our protagonist, VIRGEN MARIA, much like Carmen Electra, embodies the concept of “Santa Baby,” redefined by the culture of the obscene. They own the scene, they are everything.

Heels by MNLO
Bikini by Versace Vintage, Heels by Coperni, Jewelry by @pullandbear & @unode50
Dress by Yvan Andreu
Full look by Dominnico @dominnico, Jewelry by Pull and Bear
T-shirt by Blumarine @blumarine, Heels by Gucci @gucci, Jewelry by Pull and Bear
Dress by Skims
Custom look by @z.arizzza & @marietemts_ , Boots by Yvan Andreu @yvan_andreu_official
Coat by Yvan Andreu @yvan_andreu_official, Heels by Namilia @_Namilia_

Team Credits:

Editor-in-chief: Prince Chenoa @princechenoastudio

Galore Features Editor: Perrin Johnson @editsbyperry

Talent: @imvirgenmaria

Creative Director: @z.arizzza

Photography: Pelayo Alvarez @pelayoalvest

Art Direction: @Bazar.alimentacion & @pelayoalvest

Wardrobe: @z.arizzza & @marietemts_

Make-up artist: @Shannademorgan & @azuldrade

Hair: @ssssafu & @terexasuki

Nails: @filhodokoro

3D Integration & edit: @bel.arteaga & @javiscoso & @bazar.alimentacion

Assistant: @crlsplnc

Special Thanks: @azidostudio & @Adrian.casani

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