Jessie Andrews Interview – How She Juggles Her Many Talents

The bae Jessie Andrews and sex connoisseur chatted with us about what she’s up to! Check out the hot pix taken by our very own Jacob Dekat!


Age: 22
Zodiac: Aries
Hometown: Miami, FL

What do you love most about LA?
The balance between work and play.

Jessie you are a modern day renaissance woman: DJ, designer, porn star and model. How do you juggle all?
My calendar and it’s scary.

How did you get into porn? Many women are ashamed to even admit to watching it, what made you want to get involved?
A girlfriend asked me to be an extra in a film and shortly after I just started shooting on my own. Money and traveling was the motivation, and now I just do it for fun.

Why girl on girl only now?
I started only doing GG a year + ago because I didn’t have time to shoot anymore. It’s much easier on your body and it’s really fun 🙂

Tell us more about your jewelry line?
I started ‘Bagatiba’ 2 years ago this month. It’s my baby, I’ve done everything myself until right before my Australia tour. I now have a company that packs, ships, and does customer service for me. I’m pretty sure they came from heaven….I talk with them almost everyday to make sure things are running smoothly. I still design and hand make everything myself. I started my second jewelry company, ‘Bagatiba Vintage’, a few months ago it’s more European inspired, statement pieces, bold and ethnic, complete opposite from Bagatiba’s aesthetic, which is dainty and delicate. I’m constantly creating new collections and shooting new campaigns for the brands, and supplying my lovely friends with custom pieces. Hopefully one day it will be bigger than I ever imagined, but it kind of already is.

What song do you play in all your sets?
Right now it’s ‘Baby F-16 by Pantero666’

How do you feel about the terry richardson scandals as a model?
I love terry. He’s one of the smartest, most genuine, respectful people I’ve ever met. But if you’re a model who gives off a wrong vibe, then you’ll get a wrong vibe back. Am I right?

Favorite cartoon growing up:
I never watched cartoons. I don’t think I’m human 🙁

Where do you find inspiration?
Most my inspiration comes from being alone, people watching, the internet, and seeing things and wanting to make/do them better.

What advice can you give women?
Do your squats. Do what you love. Do everything with passion.

Summer plans?
Djing lots of festivals, traveling, laying out in the sun, working hard and hanging with friends 🙂

Kim Kardashian or Beyonce?
Queen B


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