Terp Basel 2023 and Highest on the Runway Feature IKONOKLASTA by Reagan Bailey

The 2023 Terp Basel event was a smashing success, igniting Miami with a fusion of high fashion and high times. At the center of this fusion was the Highest on the Runway show (@highestontherunway), a revolutionary concept by Gastronomy Magazine (@gas.tronomy) directed by the visionary Cristina ‘CRISP’ Plinio (@bycrisp__). Hosted by @terpbasel, @certifiedbaked, and @skatebird305, with art direction and casting by Havanna Stigale (@havannaaa), Highest on the Runway set a new benchmark in fashion shows.

Garnering attention in high-profile publications like Harper’s Bazaar, Ocean Drive, and Roll Up, the show stands out as the first runway event to blend cannabis culture and avant-garde fashion. This bold spirit is exactly what attracted talents like Reagan Bailey (@ToxicBia @ikonoklasta.co), the designer behind IKONOKLASTA. Bailey’s collection, showcased in this remarkable event, wasn’t just clothes on models; it was a story of grit, defiance, and a radical vision. Her journey, a blend of raw passion and relentless drive, mirrors the very ethos of the event—breaking conventions and setting new trends.

Born in Worcester, Massachusetts, and nurtured in South Florida’s eclectic fashion landscape, Bailey’s path to the runway was anything but conventional. “I was seven years old when I knew I wanted to be a designer,” she reflects. Spurning the traditional fashion school route, she carved her own path, armed with a sewing machine and a dream. Her resilience shone through when she transformed a setback into a stepping stone, bouncing back from a fashion school rejection to triumph at the Fashion Institute of Florida.

Bailey’s ethos as a designer is deeply rooted in personal authenticity and a bold stance against industry conventions. “I’ve never liked the idea of conformity,” Bailey asserts. This nonconformist approach shines through her work, challenging the industry’s often narrow view of brand identity. “One day, I want to put on dresses and present extremely feminine, and the next, I want the exact opposite,” she states, encapsulating the fluidity that defines her designs.

The Highest on the Runway show was a fitting platform for Bailey’s unique perspective, especially given its groundbreaking ‘Reefer Madness’ theme. It wasn’t just about fashion; it was a cultural statement, a celebration of creativity, and a nod to the evolving perception of cannabis in society. Photos by Alejo LP (@alejolp_) captured this essence while custom-designed, cannabis-friendly shoes and accessories by Angelique Miami (@angelique_miami) and Baked Gear (@bakedgearllc) complemented Bailey’s collection.

Models smoked herbal blends by Blue Mystic’s Mystic Thrift (@_bluemystic @mysticthrift), with opening looks by Fifty Karats & HALOE Blu (@fiftykarats @haloe.blu @bycrispshop). Key hair styling was by Latto Method (@lattomethod), assisted by Julian Montoya (@julianmontoyabflab). Brazil Raine (@brazil.raine,www.brazilraine.com), Michelle Venta (@skinforwardartistry, www.skinforwardartistry.com), and Lily Clemente (@makeupbylilyclemente) led the key makeup team with assistance from Olive Skies (@creativemakeupbyoliveskies) and Lauren Conner (@glamby.ren).

Styling assistance was provided by Kyra Smith (@kyr1ta) and Amber Escarza (@amberescarza), with the set design featuring real hemp plants by South Tip (@southtiphemp) and live art by The Heart Hatter (@thehearthatter). The runway music was produced by Troy Bailey (@prodbailey), with DJ Hi Ricky (@hii.rickyy) setting the mood for the night.

As Terp Basel 2023 wraps up, it leaves behind a trail of inspiration and a glimpse into the future of fashion—a future where creativity knows no bounds and cannabis and couture merge seamlessly. Reagan Bailey, with her bold designs and bolder vision, is not just a designer; she’s a harbinger of this exciting new era.

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