How to tell if you need a new bra

Bras are one of those pieces of clothing that may look the part but can be horrible at their job. And oftentimes, the boring, simplistic ones are the ones that might turn out to be the most comfortable.

Either way, you’ll always have 2 or 3 that you find going back to, wash after wash, and before you know it, they won’t fit so well anymore.

Here are some signs that it’s time to replace a bra and get a new one instead:

Your body is different

If you’ve gained or lost a significant amount of weight then you will probably have to get yourself fitted for a new bra. The same applies during pregnancy or menopause. Your body changes and so does the shape and size of your breasts. Make sure you don’t just guess your new size, go to the store and get yourself fitted for the sake of your physical health.

Your bra is overstretched

Bras are all way too snug when you first buy them. It takes them a couple of washes to fit comfortably. However, over time, they lose their elasticity and will become too loose to provide adequate support.

If you’re having to constantly tighten the shoulder straps and your band seems to be riding up, it might be too stretched. You may be able to stop the straps from sliding off your shoulders by tightening them, but the bra will lose its structure and its shape. Your bra needs to fit comfortably around your breast without any force.

Your bra has lost its shape

If the foam in the cup starts to wrinkle or the edges of the cups do not fit against your breasts, then take it as a sign that your bra is worn out, according to The same goes for when you’re the elastic in the straps and band begins to show.

The straps are uncomfortable

Your straps are responsible for lifting the breasts, which cannot happen if they are worn out and have lost their elasticity. Straps that are slipping off your shoulders or are leaving an imprint on your skin do not fit you properly. Wearing straps at their tightest or loosest means that the bra is not a good fit.

If the cups fit but the straps do not, then try a different style or brand.

You aren’t covered the way you want to be

Your choice of bra will be affected by the type of clothes you’re wearing. Bras do come in a variety of styles. A full-coverage bra works perfectly fine underneath a t-shirt but will peep out from the cleavage of a party or evening dress. Whether you are wearing a full-cup or half cup, the foam in the bra should be cushioning your breasts. A bra should fit comfortably against your body and cover you.

The band is too loose

The middle of the bra should sit in the middle of your chest. If the looseness of your band causes the middle of the bra to shift from the center of your body then the bra needs to be replaced.

The wire is revealed

Bras that are properly padded above the bra do provide sufficient support without being uncomfortable. If you’re wearing a wired bra and the wire has managed to expose itself through the fabric then it’s definitely a sign that the bra needs to be replaced.

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