Tasha Reign: Yes, I Feel the Pressure to Go ‘Hardcore’

A sex positive message is my mantra, usually. Lately, I have been inspired to be more open and honest.

Not to say that I was lying before, but as I have matured in my industry, because I have been able to experience more, learn more and evolve.

I am constantly asked the same question: “Do you feel pressured to go more hardcore in porn because it is getting more extreme and intense?” The answer, my Galore friends, is yes. Yes I do.

Today, I am able to make my own decisions regarding how far I’m willing to go. But there was a period of time about two years ago where I was trying too hard. It was a combination between being curious about my sexuality and about giving my fans what they wanted. I don’t regret pushing myself, but I did discover from this sexual experimentation the acts that I enjoyed and ones that I didn’t so much care for.

My recommendation for new talent would be for them to do this at home and not on film. But YOLO, when at home are you going to get guys to DP and gang bang you?

I felt inspired to address this subject because of a few overlapping factors that play a role in our sex lives. The vibe of the millennial population in adult as a culture is prevalent in today’s popular porn videos. For whatever reason the trend is becoming more into anal, more into what is the craziest thing you can do on film, and so on. I like the passion and the creativity as a whole and I am all about the feminist belief that you can use your body to express yourself in any which way you so choose. The shift could be that is what the new market is demanding or maybe just what the women are getting into.

I have recently stopped trying to compare myself to these sexually open performers and just started focusing on what makes me happiest as a porn star as well as a human. Before I came to this realization however, I was wondering why I couldn’t partake in the videos I had seen my co workers acting in and was pretty hard on myself about it. This leads me to dwell on the fact that my viewers probably feel similarly. You don’t necessarily need me, your friendly neighborhood porn girl, to remind you not to judge your sexual performance (or life performance), against your peers or role models, but seriously, DON’T.

Just because we see women in movies doing anal like a champ with three guys at once certainly does not mean we have to go home and do anal ourselves. Ultimately, I do feel like the companies request that I do more with my body and ask me to do taboo acts more often now that I have been in six years as well as because I opened the “gateway,” but guess what? I am just going to do whatever I want to do, when I want to do it. I live my life for myself, not for anyone else. What is created with the intent of entertainment, is just that, a show. It may be something the actress actually enjoys, it may not be, who knows, what I do know is that it is a performance art.

Everyone can be a master at their own craft. I deeply wish sexual education in America was more prevalent and that people were not learning how to have sex from pornography, but instead watching it with a media literate lens.



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