‘Sussi in Limbo’ is an Artistic Trip Into an Alternate Universe

Somewhere between the luxury of old Hollywood and the alternate universe of the Twilight Zone, you will find the Chateau Marmont fairy tale that is “Sussi in Limbo”.

Starring That Girl Sussi and Megan Davies, “Sussi in Limbo” is a storm swirling with smeared makeup and undeniable tension. Creative director and photographer of the project Olivia Soussan describes the project as mini-vignettes into Sussi, in which she is in limbo as both the husband in the beginning and the neurotic wife at the end.

Read Olivia’s intro to the project here.

That Girl Sussi is notorious for her uniquely curated looks, interpreting them as “small vignettes into micro components of Sussi.” She ceremoniously self-destructs at the end of each soiree, smearing her makeup right off and basks in the breakdown. Here, we find Sussi in limbo, both as the oppressive husband and the wife heavy with neurosis. These very vignettes take place within the realm of The Hotel Room- that of the decadent, old Hollywood charm.

This notorious chateau is a place in which starlets beauty sleep, drink, seduce. Drop dead. The Hotel Room emits an otherworldly feeling of being “In Limbo”, the imaginary place outside hell and heaven — a place for those to bathe in their folly. It also provides a perfectly curated milieu, down to the swan towelettes and refrigerated kit-kats. In this series, we see the chaos within the perfection. The unease in the land of the beautiful.

Models: Scotty Sussman and Megan Davies

Photographer & Art Direction: Olivia Soussan

In Limbo from Olivia Soussan on Vimeo.

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