These Stock Photo Tees Are Truly Hilarious

Stock imagery is known to be pretty awful. But Adobe knows that, and is trying to change its cookie-cutter reputation by laughing at its very own photos.

The Adobe Stock Apparel collection, now available to their enterprise clients, includes basic t-shirts and sweatshirts which are emblazoned with standard stock image scenes. Think: “laughing woman eating healthy vegetable salad.” Stuff like that.

Yeah, 2016 has given us stock photo merch. Check it out:

“Let’s celebrate efficiency, firm handshakes and flawless cosmetic dentistry. Let’s honor hilarious vegetables and seniors smiling at their laptop,” Adobe writes in their lookbook.

Sure, let’s!

The Adobe merch is part of a grand plan though — mainly the brand’s image-archive revamp. Adobe’s new stock image offering is a “50-million-photo database with reimagined concepts,” according to Time.

Good one, Adobe.

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