Rosie Roff Spills Her Secrets for Glowing Skin

Rosie Roff is a certified Insta-model and wanderluster with all the secrets to naturally glowing skin. Scroll through to see exclusive photos of the bombshell babe and tips for stealing her beauty routine.

So tell us! How do you get that gorgeous “I woke up like this” glow?”

Well, I care way more about skincare than I do about makeup. My makeup I can get from any store – I don’t have a preference as long as it works. But I get a lot of facials and I take collagen pills everyday (twice a day) and I really think the make a world of a difference. I also take 1000 milligrams Vitamin C.

What’s your beauty routine?

My makeup routine only takes me about five minutes! First I do my eyebrows: I pencil them in because I have a scar on my eyebrow which I got in PE in the UK when I was ten [laughs]. With the same pencil I give a wing on my eye, mascara, always a little something on the lips because I feel like it wakes my face up. I put concealer under my eyes to make it look like I didn’t just wake up like that. And that’s my little routine!

Do you make different lifestyle choices to keep your skin healthy?

I try. When I travel I get really dry skin, so I just try and drink a lot of water. But caffeine is something I really should give up because I feel like I get even more dehydrated! But yeah, I try to drink lots of water and green juices.

Do you have other beauty travel tips for us?

I take paper masks on airplanes now, those sheet masks. I put those on the plane so I get moisturized for like, twenty minutes on my flight. And it really helps! I do it in front of people and I don’t give a shit [laughs].

Those masks can be really cheap right? Yassss to beauty under a budget.

Yes they’re great! I get them off of Amazon in packs of like 100. I lived in Hong Kong for a moment and all of the people there said that the masks are something you have to do like twice a day. I usually go to sleep in those paper masks; I’m addicted to them.

So it seems like moisturizing is pretty much the secret.

Yeah, for sure. I’m always moisturizing my body.

Do you wear foundation?

Very rarely. If I’m going to do a photo shoot then yeah, but I have freckles and I like to show them off. I tend to put concealer under my eyes and that’s kind of it.

Did you get any beauty tips from your mom?

Yes, my mom is very natural, and she always told me to leave my eyebrows alone – that was her like one big tip which I ignored of course. Then I had these like ridiculous moon brows and I realized, “Oh, my mom was right”. She would wear a bare face with a red lip, which is what I really like. It’s a beautiful look. But for my go-to look it’s totally the cat eye and a brow.

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Photos by Maddie Cordoba

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