Why I Refuse to Let the “Flower Child” Trend Die

As a 9-5 career girl, there’s very little room for free time and self-expression.  Mondays through Fridays are filled with deadlines on top of deadlines. Heels and blazers are my everyday wardrobe. And although I love dressing up all cute and professional for work, I feel as if a piece of my personality is overshadowed by my so-called “work uniform.”

I have a co-worker who follows me on Instagram, and she always says to me, “Stephanie, you’re so different in the office than in real life!” She is of course referring to my outfit choices.  When I’m outside the office, I am my most true self when it comes to personal style. I don’t like slacks, blazers make me feel as if I’m wearing a straightjacket, and heels will be the ultimate death of me.  So what do I feel most comfortable in, you ask?


Big flowers, dainty flowers, colorful flowers, all the flowers! Flower crowns that I can wear on my head with long, flowy, wavy hair blowing freely in the wind. Also known as the “flower child” look.

This is a spring trend that was hyped up a few years ago. Many say this trend is well overplayed these days, but I strongly disagree. The trend has been around since the Woodstock days of the late 60s/early 70s. The fact that it’s still relevant in the 2010’s proves that it is timeless. My inner flower child will live on until the last flower falls from my hair.

There’s nothing like the look of an elegant flower crown that makes literally ANY outfit look bomb. I feel like a flower princess when I wear them, and we’re ALL princesses, am I right? We all deserve to be bowed down to.

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I’m calling for all flower children unite!

I’m a huge fan of music festivals, and I mean HUGE. I try to attend every EDC, Electric Zoo, and Moonrise show each year. I live for festivals not only for the music, but also for the fashion. While most people pay attention to their favorite DJs, I pay close attention to what everyone is wearing. I gain so much inspiration from my fellow festival-goers. It’s incredible to see the creativity and personal touches they put into their each of their outfits.

Music festivals are where my inner flower child spirit comes out. There’s just something about the music, the fringes swinging from my top, the excessive jewelry, and the flower crown on my head that makes me forget all the emails I have to reply to and the reports I have to put together come Monday morning.

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It’s more than just a look. It’s a feeling. I feel feminine, empowered, and confident with my flowers. It’s more than just a trend. It’s positive energy, a springtime tradition, and a lifestyle. And I won’t let it die anytime soon, not on my watch.

Live on, my flower children!

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