Redefining Sorority Fashion: The Rise of LNO Greek and Delta Sigma Theta’s Trendsetting Apparels

When you think of sorority fashion, the typical images might be of generic, oversized t-shirts or run-of-the-mill designs. But times are changing! Leading the charge is LNO Greek, a transformative brand envisioned and brought to life by its passionate founder, Arndreya Price.

Arndreya’s journey is as heartwarming as it’s inspiring. As a child, she struggled with body image issues, often feeling out of place. However, instead of letting these challenges keep her down, she used them as a lens to see beauty’s vast spectrum. She firmly believes that “beauty comes in various shades, shapes, and sizes,”

Drawing from her personal struggles, she started LNO Greek with an intention: not just to create clothes but to craft outfits that would empower individuals, making them feel truly beautiful from the inside out. To her, each garment is more than just a piece of fabric. It’s armor—a confidence booster that shields wearers from the harsh judgments of the world. 

But what propelled Arndreya to Establish LNO Greek? Flashback to 2006. As she crossed the symbolic ‘burning sandz,’ a pivotal moment in her life she had eagerly awaited, she was handed an oversized men’s t-shirt to represent her sorority. It didn’t fit well and certainly didn’t feel right. She wasn’t the only one who felt this way. Many of her sorority sisters across the Divine 9 historically black fraternities and sororities found themselves in similar, uninspiring apparel. 

Taking cues from her experience, Arndreya vowed to fill this void. “All Divine 9 women, including Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, should have Greek apparel that reflects their unique style and personality,” she insists. Thus, LNO Greek was born, becoming the go-to destination for sorority members and the fraternity community. 

Today, LNO Greek isn’t just a brand; it’s a fashion revolution, especially for 18–24-year-old sorority sisters who were previously starved for trendy options. Whether chic, sporty, laid-back, or high-end, there’s something for every taste. It’s not just about wearing ‘nalia’ (sorority gear) anymore; it’s about making a statement, showcasing your individuality, and celebrating the rich heritage of the Divine 9. 

The Delta Sigma Theta collection is a prime example of LNO Greek’s revolutionary vision. Before the brand came along, stylish sorority clothes were practically non-existent. But browse through LNO Greek’s offerings now, and you’ll find everything from satin and leather jackets to DST shirts, bomber jackets, and gifts. It’s a one-stop online store that comprehensively covers your Delta Sigma Theta apparel needs, from ‘para’ to ‘DST paraphernalia.’ 

Perhaps most intriguing is how LNO Greek has seamlessly wed heritage and innovation. Arndreya’s exotic destination wellness retreats are a case in point. These are not merely vacations but transformative journeys aimed at first-generation wealth creators, offering them a platform to build high-value relationships while luxuriating in style. 

So, as LNO Greek continues to redefine sorority fashion, what lies ahead for the brand and Arndreya? The sky’s the limit! With countless sorority sisters looking for outfits that resonate with their unique styles and personalities, LNO Greek is poised to keep soaring. To Arndreya, each piece of Delta Sigma Theta sorority paraphernalia tells a story, echoing the dreams, aspirations, and strengths of young women ready to face the world confidently. 

For all Delta Sigma Theta members and anyone from the Divine 9 sororities, now’s your chance to revamp your wardrobe and make a statement. Dive into LNO Greek’s collection and discover apparel and accessories that let you shine.

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