[PREMIERE]: Miesa’s ‘Too Bad For You’

The video for Tidal’s R&B/pop artist to watch Miesa’s next single, “Too Bad For You,” is here.

Following up on her last single, “Blame My Ex,” “Too Bad For You” is a soulful breakup track and the latest single from her upcoming album. It’s also available on iTunes. Read our interview with Miesa and check out the video below.

Where are you from and how does your upbringing influence your music?

I’m from New Jersey. I grew up in a mixed town. Being close to a military base, there were diverse backgrounds around me. I was always around different types of music genres including rock, hip-hop, country and R&B.

What’s your secret for the perfect Instagram post?

I like to keep it clean and share the things my fans love to see but I also hope to inspire. Sharing a cute outfit and nice shoes never hurts either (haha).

Au naturel or face full of cake?

I prefer a natural face when I’m away from the flashing lights but most times you’ll see me in very little make-up.

Do you work out or are you just #blessed?

Haha, I’m just blessed but I do have to work out because I prefer to be healthy.

Which Spice Girl is your spirit animal & why?

I’ll have to say Posh Spice is my spirit animal. I just love her. She’s a great mom, has a husband who adores her and has made a great career for herself.

What artist or music genre would people be really surprised to learn you’re a fan of?

Its hard to imagine but I listen to Classic Rock music all the time. Thanks to Spotify.

What’s your go-to song to get ready for a night out?

If I’m getting ready to go out, I prefer to listen to up-beat records by either Future or Rick Ross. Yes, I am a fan of the trap and of course I throw on some of those Miesa remixes.

Describe your type in three words.

Handsome. Goal-Oriented. Spiritual.

Describe what type you are in three words.

Caring, Spiritual, Determined.

You’ve named Mariah Carey as one of your influences — what is your favorite Mariah song and why?

“Fly Like A Bird” is one of my favorites. It’s a very inspirational song that reminds me to stay positive.

On a Friday night, are you hitting the club or chilling watching Netflix?

It depends. But mostly, I’m binge-watching documentaries on Netflix.

What are you most excited about this festival season?

I’m excited about possibly performing in some of the music festivals and I hear we have more surprises for my fans this summer. Its going to be great!

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