[PREMIERE]: Kathia Lynne’s New Anthem “Heavens Help Me”

Kathia Lynne is not only a designer but is also now sharing her talents as a singer/songwriter with the release of her first music video for her single “Heavens Help Me” off of her debut EP, Killing With Gloves of Silk.

In “Heavens Help Me,” Kathia opted to use a group of all Latin creatives to make her vision come to life. Produced by Venezuelan duo Lara Project and directed by fellow boricua Nicole Pagán, this video is the classic “you’ll regret breaking my heart” story.

Take a look at the video for “Heavens Help Me” below along with a brief interview with Kathia Lynne.


What inspired the concept for this video?

I wanted to show my process of healing after a breakup. The video pretty much sums up my mental state at the moment, the anger and instability. I wanted that. I wanted to show people that it’s ok to show that you’ve been hurt, and embrace it so I made something ugly look pretty.

I put back the broken pieces, colored my pain crimson, and dazzled my heart in a gold harness.

I noticed you’re wearing some of the pieces from your jewelry line SKHMT in the video, will these be available for purchase? Do you have another collection in the works?

Yes haha. The video has a lot of my jewelry. My favorite is the cigarette holder (as you can see lol). I have a restock of all the pieces seen in the video available at the website (SKHMT.CO) And I have a small capsule including clothing and face adornments dropping for the end of this year.

How would you describe your aesthetic as an artist?

It’s a lil bit dramatic. It can go from sad girl dominatrix to Jayne Mansfield meets metallic armory.

I wear a lot designs from my friend designer Dee Serret. I live for leathers, glitter, and pointy boob forms. Always want to step out and that my outfit screams: Be careful, you might get hurt.

What is the creative process like for you?

I go crazy. It’s like an idea hits me and I write it down, record myself, start making calls and harass everybody till I get it done.

First I structure what I want to say, with the correct words and feeling, then I record myself and create a melody but sometimes it flows naturally at the studio. With my jewelry I used to design everything first on paper and then bring it to life, now I just start sculpting from the start. And with videos I write the story and imagine everything, then proceed to structure it take by take. The outfits is the first thing I think about though.

Do you think it’s harder for women, especially attractive women, to be taken seriously in the music industry or any other male dominated industry in general?

It can be. That’s why I let my work talk for it self. I turn it around, I work with girls and make things by ourselves and leave them wondering how we did it. Then they be like, Hey! I wanna work with HER!

I mean sure, one can be underestimated at first cause you got the looks or whatever, but then again thats the world we live in and it can happen with everything. Just own it. Be the boss and don’t rely on your looks. Be the brain AND looks.

What is the definition of Girl Power for you?

A union of female energy. Working and lifting each other towards success.

Behind every powerful woman, is a powerful woman.

What message would you give to the fuckboys who have done you wrong in the past?

Fuckboys always think they’re right. It’s just way better when they realize by themselves they played the game and lost the trophy.

I say nothing. I let my songs speak.

When do you hope to release your debut EP, Killing With Gloves of Silk?

Spring 2017

Video Director/Editor : Nicole Pagán

Assistant: Pedro Izquierdo

Music Production by: Lara Project

Typography: Natasha Lillipore

Models: Elias García & Julianna Himmet

Wardrobe: Dee Serret

Jewelry: SKHMT

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