Koko Celeste and Pacsun are using personal cultural influences while giving back

Many fashion lovers are uncomfortable seeing parts of their culture be sprinted down the runway in what some consider in an offensive manner. 

But, what we can say is that there are ultimately many kinds of beauty in the fashions of all cultures of the world if used appropriately and carefully — and these fashion designers and collabs have used their own heritage to help them in creating some pretty dope looks.

The other plus side? These brands are also using their platforms and sales to give back. Check out where you should be shopping for your next outfit – these brands don’t disappoint.

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Koko Celeste

This line takes athleisure-wear and crosses it with a hint of beautiful Ankara prints that designer, Koko Celeste, found inspiration in from her Nigerian heritage.

“I started Koko Celeste in an effort to blend my drive for philanthropy, love of fashion, and showcase my Nigerian heritage. The line infuses the Ankara patterns that I grew up with that are ingrained in my DNA, into modern sportswear silhouettes that really stand out in the athleisure landscape. All the while, each piece from the line helps to fund a variety of initiatives aimed at giving back to communities in need and helping aid education in US and Nigeria,” Koko explains.

If you’re tired of boring athleisure wear, then Koko Celeste is where it’s at. “Growing up my parents always infused that into our ethos. There were times our house was almost a safe haven for Nigerians coming to America for education, work, and to make a better life for themselves. I saw first hand how a little to me could mean the chance between life and death for someone else,” says Koko.

PACSUN’s ME to WE Summer 2018 Capsule Collection

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Pacsun has been around forever, but their ME to WE Summer Capsule Collection is super cute and inspired by the vibrant culture of Ecuador. This fly af collection is made up of easy fabrics in a variety of rich colors, with bright embroidery details expanding on the Kenyan rafiki bracelets — the new collection includes a range of artisan accessories handmade by women in the Amazon.

These accessories will add to any cute summer or back-to-school ‘fit, and add the perfect touch when you’re heading out to a music festival or somewhere to chill.

Besides being cute, every ME to WE product purchased helps change the life of a child or family in a developing community overseas. Its’ charity partner, the WE Charity, works to get essential resources to these communities and break the cycle of poverty. Also, this particular partnership has helped impact almost 4 million lives globally. 4 million. Insert shocked emoji face here. But then check out the range here.

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