Is Forever 21 actually serious with this Cyber Monday sale?

Shopping at the holidays can be a drag because you have to buy stuff for everyone else the whole time. It’s really tempting to just shop for yourself. And guess what? Forever 21’s sale is probably the best way to do that.

This year, Forever 21 will have a 21% discount off of everything online. We’re not kidding.

Considering everything at the store is already so cheap, you’re not gonna wanna miss this insane deal.

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Of course, you’re gonna need to buy gifts for your friends. Luckily, the site has a full gift shop that makes it easy to find cute gifts for all of your girlfriends in between stocking up on thotty NYE apparel.

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But let’s get real here. The most exciting part about the holiday sales, is the excuse to indulge in gifts for yourself! Since everything is so cheap, why not splurge on a bougie faux fur coat to ring in the winter season!

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