LA influencers can’t stop talking about how cold they are at NYFW

Winter, spring, summer and fall are all more or less synonymous if you live in Los Angeles. In LA, a winter consists of the occasional spell of cloudiness, maybe even bimonthly rainfall (God forbid). And that’s about all that seems to discern it from the summer.

In fact, Fashion Week in New York is just about the only thing that seems to bring LA peeps out of the sun and into the snow.

So, the Angelenos (does anyone actually call them that? not rhetorical) were forced to trade in their sunglasses for sherpa coats (or perhaps just wear both at the same time), and they haven’t been taking it very well.

us vs. the cold

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They’re fine, we swear!!

The model is presumably here for Fashion Week, where we’re sure she’ll be making more than a few appearances, both on the runway and front row. That being said, Gerber and her fellow LA friends look at least a little in denial of the cold weather given their sunglasses. But, NY’s cold weather is a bit easier to enjoy from the inside of an Uber.

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Blogger Madeleine Rose points out that when you come from LA to New York, you aren’t just cold, you’re cooooooooooolldddddd. Oh, and that having access to round-the-clock natural sunlight for photos is criminally underrated.

We totally get that sub-40-degree temps are a lot to take in if you aren’t used to them. Especially during Fashion Week, where the goal isn’t at all to stay warm so much as it is to look hot.

Fashion blogger Marie von Behrens took to Insta to voice her discontent with the weather as well:

Freezing NYC❄🗽

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And was soon joined by Aimee Song, LA based blogger and founder of Song of Style.

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Judging by these comments, you’d think Fashion Week were being held in the literal poles of Narnia.

A chorus of others followed suit via Twitter:

Basically, to sum it all up:

To be fair, this is definitely what New Yorkers do when they go to LA, just on the opposite end. “Mr. Blue Sky” “Vitamin D” and “81 and sunny” are all Instagram captions you may recognize from such excursions.

But tell us how you really feel, guys. How are you? Too hot? Are you warm? Little chilly? Let us know.

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