Nelly Furtado Wore Indie Designers Head-to-Toe on TV

We haven’t heard from Nelly Furtado in a hot minute, but she’s currently making a comeback and slaying as hard as ever.

On Thursday night, Nelly stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers to perform her new single she’s trying to build a comeback around, and all the clothes she wore were designed by indie designers — most of whom were queer POCs! The look was styled by Phil Gomez.

Cool, right?


Her white ruffly blouse was designed by Nicopanda, her faux cowhide coat by Daimorf, her wide-legged trousers were Gypsy Sport, her necklaces came from Chris Habana, the choker was Ayokosu, and the shoes were Mark Fisher.

She looked absolutely fab while also standing behind a group of fashion designers who aren’t rich white men.

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