Lydia Hunt Has a ‘Me Day’

It’s finally spring and Australian-born model Lydia Hunt is ready to embrace the warm sun kissing her skin as she strolls through the streets of New York.

Today is slow morning for Lydia. She’s nestled in her Lower East Side apartment in a lazy haze following a demanding week. She wakes up, lounges about – with no obligations for the day ahead only time, time, time. She’s dead set on having a “me day.” The type of day every Galore girl deserves at least once a week. One that can only be filled with the decadence and indulgence that comes with brunch, at-home treatments, lingerie and maybe, just maybe, a trip to the Met.

She get’s dressed but today, unlike other days, it’s for herself. Her “me day” means taking a break from being the “professional coat hanger” that she describes herself as. She changes her outfit over and over until she finds a balance between sexy and comfort, enjoying the rawness of an undone, messy, oh-shit-you-caught-me-being-me look.

Keep scrolling to see how photographer Maya Kibbel captured the series of events that were Lydia’s “me day.”

Photography by Maya Kibbel

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