Meet Disciples, The Hot British Production Trio Behind ‘How Deep Is Your Love’

The Disciples are the three-piece production group from London currently most known for their work with Calvin Harris on “How Deep Is Your Love.’ And since my love for this song truly is deep, I decided to hit the trio up for an interview.

Gavin, Luke, and Duvall write, produce and sing on all their own tracks, and have an especially cool approach to making music that’s fun to dance to.

“When people listened to our first EP, they didn’t know what to call it. They’d say, ‘you’re not electro, you’re not dance and it sounds kinda old, but it sounds kinda new,’ and it means that we can do what the hell we want,” Duvall says. 

 The trio is certainly following up on that. They’ve recently released “No Worries,” a collaboration with David Guetta, singlehandly — or, triplehandedly? — giving Guetta some much-needed street cred again.

Check out the video for their latest song below, and read up on their interview. Imagine they’re saying everything in a British accent; it makes the interview even better.

A production trio is kind of rare to come across, right? How does being a three person team making electronic music work for you guys?

Two heads are better than one, so how about three? We feed off of each others energy, one of us will find the missing piece to each puzzle. The more creative energy in the room, the better the music I think. Swedish House Mafia didn’t do too badly.

How does writing EDM music differ from writing other types of music? Do you guys ever sample music, and if so what is the process of finding samples and incorporating them?

We don’t believe it does differ. We’ve written in many different genres with the same approach. If it feels good, and if it sounds good, then its good. There may be more attention to the arrangement as we want our music to work at festivals and clubs, but we can’t let that affect the creativity. That’s like taking a girl out on a date, but you know its her time of the month—the end result will not be in your favor.

How fashion-conscious are you guys? What are your favorite styles, and what fashion trends do girls wear that make no sense to you?

I wouldn’t say we’re fashion-conscious, more style-effective. We love to take bits from everywhere and make it work. The label on the jacket is not a factor. Just has to look sick, and feel sicker. I don’t really have any beef with women’s fashion, it’s more the women when they try too hard.

Do you have any groupies? What do you think a groupie looks like in 2016?

Can’t answer this because we’ll get in trouble, which I guess answers your first question! Hoping a 2016 groupie looks like a mix between Jourdan Dunn, Rita Ora & GiGi Hadid, thats more like a dream than a hope isn’t it?!

What vocalist would you most like like to work with right now?

NAO, what an incredible beautiful talent. she has the voice of an R&B angel and has the perfect blend of old school and new school style.

What do you think your music will sound like in 3 years?

The same, only much much better.

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